Online Postgraduate Course in Accounting Management and Administrative Control

Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to lead the accounting department of any company or institution. A specialized program to focus your professional career in the field of administrative control.

  • Accounting Management
  • Administrative Control
  • controlling
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Classes start
07 January, 2022 (To be confirmed)
Program ends
05 April, 2022 (To be confirmed)
ECTS credits
2650 €

The Online Postgraduate Course in Accounting Management and Administrative Control will teach you to analyse the economic and financial status of a company in an analytical and strategic way.

Through exercises, mostly practical, you will approach all the contents from a management perspective. You will become an accounting professional capable of directing an accounting department in all its aspects, as well as performing controlling and internal audit functions.

At the end of the course, you will know how to diagnose the economic and financial situation and evolution of any company, you will master the cost calculation systems and the most current analytical accounting systems, you will prepare budgets by implementing budget control systems and analysing deviations, and you will know how to design an administrative control system from a managerial perspective.


Why choose this program


A postgraduate course that adapts to you

Wherever you are, you can now take the same program, content, and get the same academic qualification that we offer in face-to-face and blended online mode. As such, you will be able to develop your professional career by studying remotely and choosing your schedules to adapt the postgraduate to your personal and professional situation.


Learn from a prestigious teaching team

You will train with professors from the UPF Economics and Business area and also with recognized experts who will contribute their knowledge and experience to apply theory to practice.


Expand your training

If at the end of the postgraduate course you want to continue expanding your training, you will be able to take the Master in Accounting and Financial Management at UPF-BSM, with the credits obtained being recognized.

Who is it for?

The program is aimed at university graduates, preferably in the field of business administration and management, economics, accounting, and finance who want to specialize in the sector and professionals with accounting experience and knowledge who want or need to update it, expand upon it, or understand it in depth.

The postgraduate program develops the content from a grassroots level and with a general approach, which is why it is also aimed at professionals from other disciplines who prove prior knowledge in the field, either with academic training or previous work experience.

Admission and enrolment


The Online Postgraduate Course in Accounting Management and Administrative Control is made up of 3 main subjects and is complemented by the Postgraduate Final Project that will encompass the content acquired throughout the program.

Business analysis I
  • Current state of academic research and business practice in the context of financial statement analysis.
  • Equity and financial analysis. Discriminant analysis. One-dimensional and multidimensional models.
  • Analysis of working capital. The relationship between working capital needs and actual working capital. Latest trends in working capital management.
  • Comprehensive analysis.
  • Analysis of the ability to generate profits, value, and growth.
  • Comprehensive diagnosis of the company. Sensitivity analysis.
Strategic cost management
  • Relationships between cost accounting and financial accounting.
  • Current state of academic research and cost business practice, with special emphasis on the different cost systems used by businesses in the current context.
  • Cost administrative control based on activities.
  • Relations with integrated information systems and other functional areas of the company.
  • Strategic cost management.
  • New trends in cost accounting.
  • Latest academic research on the subject.
  • Cost models of high growth companies.
  • New approaches to cost reduction. The low-cost model, quality, and non-quality costs. Environmental costs.
  • Consequences of cost reduction approaches in a business.
Budget management and control
  • Relations with integrated information systems and other functional areas of the company.
  • Standard costs and deviation analysis models.
  • Practical implementation of budget control models.
  • Review of the literature on new trends in budget control and management beyond budgets.
  • Budget management models of high-growth companies by sectors.
  • Link between the strategy and the operations control system.
  • Selection of monetary and non-monetary indicators.
  • Design of scorecards (balanced scorecard).
  • Human aspects of administrative control.
  • Relations with integrated information systems and other functional areas of the organization.
  • Review of the literature on new trends in administrative control and foreseeable evolution of control in organizations.
  • Administrative control models in high growth environments.
  • Design of control systems that minimize the perverse effects of administrative control.
  • Case study of successful and unsuccessful business models.
Postgraduate Final Project (Management Skills)

The Postgraduate Final Project is intended for students to integrate the various topics of the course. It is also about promoting management skills related to oral and written presentation of the work done. This will allow, on the one hand, the application of the knowledge acquired by the student to the business world and, on the other hand, the enrichment of the vision that the student has of the concepts they are learning throughout the program.

Qualification obtained

Once you have passed the program, you will be awarded the degree of Curso de Postgrado en Dirección Contable y Control de Gestión, issued by Pompeu Fabra University.


The teaching team for the Online Postgraduate Course in Accounting Management and Administrative Control is made up of professors from the UPF Economics and Business area and by professionals from the sector who guarantee the UPF-BSM's teaching rigour and its professional character.

Academic directors

Jordi de Falguera Martinez Alarcon

Associate Professor UPF


Ramon Bastida Vialcanet

Vice Dean for Research and Knowledge Transfer at UPF Barcelona School of Management
Associate Professor BSM

Jordi de Falguera Martinez Alarcon

Associate Professor UPF

Joan Anton Ros Guasch

Senior Lecturer BSM


At UPF Barcelona School of Management we are committed to a flexible and dynamic online model, which aims to place the participant at the centre of the process so that they are the owner of their learning process.

To facilitate day-to-day management and the achievement of your academic goals, the program is structured into subjects, with which you will acquire knowledge, and instrumental and aptitude skills.

All this, while having 24/7 access to the virtual environment so that you can organize your study without schedules and at your own pace. In this way, you can combine it with your work and personal life, making the most of the time you have for it.


Interactive teaching materials

Various materials and formats will make your experience more motivating: videos, case studies, content maps, and downloadable resources. Designed and updated periodically by professionals and experts in the field, they put at your disposal the latest knowledge, skills, and tools to take your career to the next level.


Active and collaborative learning

Participation and discussion with your colleagues and teachers are essential for the collaborative learning process. We will provide you with various tools such as the Discussion Forum, where you can propose new topics for debate, comment on and answer questions presented by the teacher or give feedback on interesting comments.


Streaming sessions with experts

Through videoconference sessions with the expert teacher or special guests, you will be able to ask questions, discuss your learning, and connect in real time as if you were all in the same place. To ensure the flexibility of the training, we record the sessions so that you can refer to them if you have not been able to connect.


Personalized support

You will have the support of the expert tutor, who will guide you through each didactic unit; the help of the co-ordinator and the program manager in the delivery of activities, qualifications, management of procedures, or access to services, and the guidance of the career advisor in the improvement of your personal brand and your search for professional opportunities.


The learning process is characterized by its flexibility, since, in the virtual learning environment, the structure of the school calendar and the diversity of multimedia resources which are made available to the student allows them to acquire knowledge in a self-regulated manner.

The support of the teaching staff and interaction with classmates is carried out by making use of a wide variety of communication channels that facilitate proximity and didactic dialogue. 


Professional Future

The program is aimed at all those professionals who want to grow and develop in an accounting department, whether they are young graduates starting their careers, or qualified professionals who want to take on new challenges and responsibilities in this area of administrative control, of vital importance for any company.

Student profile

You will share a virtual classroom with active professionals with a common background (from the fields of Accounting and Finance, Economics, or Business Administration), from different national and international origins, who are looking for flexible quality training that allows them to combine their work and personal life with academic experience.


Average age


Average number of years of professional experience

Career opportunities

The postgraduate studies all the techniques that a controller requires in order to create the foundations that allow them to professionally face a workplace like this.

  • Controller
  • Head of Planning and control
  • Internal Auditor
  • Risk analyst
  • Director of accounting/finance department
  • Accounting/finance department staff

Admission and enrolment

Our admission process consists of a rigorous evaluation of each application to preserve the quality of the group as well as the training, experience, and work capacity of all students.

Who can apply?

University graduates can apply.

Other candidates without the required university degree may take part in the selection process by virtue of their academic or professional merits and the place of work they occupy.

How to apply?

To apply for admission to this program, students must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Contract once they start the application for admission through the following form.

Application for admission

Complete your application within the next admission rounds:

RoundApplication deadlineAdmission resolution

Applications for admission will be evaluated when you complete the following steps:

  • Complete the online admission form.
  • Pay the €120 admission fee. This amount will be returned if you are not admitted.
  • Send the following documents through the online platform e-registrar:
    • Presentation letter or video
    • CV
    • Scanned copy of university degree (if you are in the last year of your degree, you can provide your academic records)
    • Scanned copy of Transcript of Records. Make sure that it includes your GPA (Grade Point Average)
    • Scanned copy of ID Card or Passport
    • Passport-size photo (jpg format)

Additional documents may be requested in certain cases.
Application rounds are subject to the number of places available on the program.


  • The Admissions Committee will select the candidates on the basis of a personal or CV-based interview.
  • You will be notified of the admission decision in writing.


  • Registration must be paid within a 15 days after the admission.
  • Once the letter of acceptance to the program has been received, you will need to submit the following original documents before the course begins:
    • Stamped and/or authenticated photocopy of your university degree.
  • If you have a foreign degree you may need to submit additional documents.
  • Paying the reservation fee (25% of the program's tuition fees) is essential in order to reserve your place
  • If you pay the tuition fees by bank transfer you will be required to introduce the program code. The program code for this course is 3130.
  • The remaining tuition fees must be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course.

Grants, scholarships and financing


The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you different means of financing so that you can take any of our programs without worry. We offer you the opportunity to finance part of your program, either through scholarships which reward your talent, through grants from entities dedicated to promoting education, or through collaboration agreements with financial entities.

Grants and discounts


Financing simulator

You can choose how to finance your studies by consulting our simulator and receive an answer in less than 24 hours.

Go to the simulator

Collaborating entities

In addition, UPF Barcelona School of Management collaborates with various banks and financial entities which provide study loans on favorable terms. For more information you can contact any of the following links (in Spanish).

Note, however, that in order to benefit from these special conditions you must have a NIE if you are not a European Citizen. Therefore, UPF Barcelona School of Management strongly recommends international students to seek first for students loans at bank entities of their country of origin, or to search for funding opportunities through international entities.

The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of Catalonia (AGAUR, in Spanish) also offers loans to university students with legal residence in Catalonia through the PREPOST program.

Application for admission
You are applying for admission to the program:
Postgraduate Course on Accounting Management and Administrative Control
Modality: Distancia
Language: Spanish
Price: 2650
Admission fee: 120
We will deduct this amount from the total registration fee if your application is accepted. If your application is rejected, we will reimburse you.

Online Postgraduate Course in Accounting Management and Administrative Control