15 Jun - 2021
With Colita, the 'Gauche Divine' never ends
The UPF Barcelona School of Management recovers the exhibition "La Gauche qui rit", which includes Colita's photographs of the characters of the intellectual life of Barcelona in the 70s that were cen...
14 Jun - 2021
UPF-BSM recovers "La gauche qui rit", Colita's exhibition censored during Franco's regime
The exhibition "La gauche qui rit" sees the light again thanks to the UPF Barcelona School of Management, which recovers part of Colita's photographs censored during Franco's regime with a new exhibit...
4 Jun - 2021
UPF-BSM students win an award in the ACCID Congress case contest
MSC in Management students receive an award for best practice for their work on the BMW Group
2 Jun - 2021
"ICTs will produce 14% of emissions in 2040"
Are the agendas of the digital economy and the green economy compatible? "Today these two agendas are not compatible, but we must make them so" is the summary of the conference with María Salamero fro...
2 Jun - 2021
"You can only take care of the things you know, and the sea is a great unknown"
What color is the traffic light of the oceans? What can we do as individuals to preserve them?  As part of the Environment Week, the UPF-BSM has hosted the OceanLab session: the adventure in the ...
1 May - 2021
Micro TED Talks Environment: small individual changes for a better world
In the framework of World Environment Day, UPF-BSM organizes a Micro TED Talks Marathon with students and alumni of the school aware of the fight for climate emergency and proactive in the environment...
31 May - 2021
“We will see 10,000 years of ecological change in 50 years”
David Farrier, author of Footprints, is interviewed by journalist and Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication alumni at UPF-BSM, Luis Quevedo in context of the Environment World ...
28 May - 2021
Oriol Amat takes office as Rector of the UPF
Professor of Financial Economics and Accounting, Oriol Amat, has been sworn in as rector of the UPF in the presence of the Hon. Ms. Gemma Geis, Councilor for Research and Universities, and Hon. Ms. Vi...
26 May - 2021
UPF-BSM conducts a study to know the work environment in Catalonia
The UPF-BSM conducts a survey to find out the perception of the working environment among workers in Catalonia. 
20 May - 2021
UPF-BSM and CaixaBank receive the 2021 EFMD Excellence in Practice Silver Award for the case study on the Risk School of the financial institution
The internationally prestigious award will allow UPF Barcelona School of Management and the financial institution to present their case during the EFMD Executive Development Conferences.
18 May - 2021
The UPF-BSM celebrates World Environmental Day with a Program of Environmental Sustainability:
The UPF Barcelona School of Management joins the celebration of World Environment Day organizing a Program of Environmental Sustainability: a series of activities that aim to strengthen the schoo...
18 May - 2021
Teleworking has paved the way for people who were ineligible for international positions
Telework is here to stay, also in the international sector. Mariano de las Heras, director of the Postgraduate Degree in Internationalization of HR and Global Mobility, moderates a panel discussion wi...
17 May - 2021
Sports retail, between growth and covid-19
The 2nd session of the 10th Conference of the Master in Sports Management has addressed the future of sports retail and the challenge that this poses for brands.
17 May - 2021
Director General announces launch of China Initiative, led by Qianying-Núria Zhou
UPF Barcelona School of Management inaugurates China Initiative, a project led by Qianying-Núria Zhou, with the aim of building bridges with China, providing networking opportunities for our students ...
13 May - 2021
UPF Barcelona School of Management and Triodos Bank create the Chair in Sustainable Finance
The UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) and Triodos Bank, an ethical banking credit institution, sign an agreement for the creation of the Chair in Sustainable Finance (CSF), an international...