30 Nov - 2022

The UPF Barcelona School of Management and the Vallformosa Foundation to promote a Chair of Territorial Transformation and Wellbeing

Directed by Sílvia Cóppulo, the Chair will work on a new model of a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable relationship between people, companies and the territory of the Penedès. 
22 Nov - 2022

Turnover of the consultancy sector in Catalonia exceeded 4,360 million euros in 2021, almost 2% of GDP, according to a study by the UPF-BSM and ACEC

This is a pioneering study, as there had been no other report that had assessed the impact of the consultancy sector in Catalonia before. It points out that the sector has 4,586 companies and it is ca...
16 Nov - 2022

"Microsoft's success has to contribute to the sucess of people, both inside and outside the company"

During the second session of «Leaders at UPF-BSM», Manuel Abellán, Industry Executive Higher Education at Microsoft Spain, explained to the students the current situation of the company, its commitmen...
15 Nov - 2022

400 students and nearly 70 companies participate in the «Talent Boost Week», the first employability week at UPF-BSM

For four days, the UPF-BSM offered its students and alumni the opportunity to connect with companies from different sectors to find professional careers and, at the same time, to offer participating f...
14 Nov - 2022

UPF-BSM, acknowledged for the second consecutive year as a school with international influence, according to EdUniversal

The international ranking has renewed the four "palms of excellence" of the UPF Barcelona School of Management and reaffirms it as a "Top Business School with Significant International Influence".&nbs...
8 Nov - 2022

Students of the UPF-BSM's Master in Scientific, Medical and Environmental Communication to explain pieces of the exhibition «Brain(s)» at the CCCB

During the session, students will address visitors with a talk to convey their vision of the works that have most captured their attention.
28 Oct - 2022

DSA comes into force to change the rules of how digital markets and platforms are regulated

European Parliament has approved the Digital Services Act, that will drastically change the rules of how digital markets and digital platforms are regulated in the EU by ensuring fair competition. DSA...
24 Oct - 2022

Does it make any sense to award a trophy like the 'Ballon d'Or' in NFT as well?

France Football gave the winners of the Ballon d'Or, besides the traditional trophy, a small device containing the prize in NFT. Does it make any sense? Why does blockchain want to get closer to the w...
20 Oct - 2022

UPF-BSM organises Talent Boost Week, an employability event to connect students with companies

Three days to connect the talent of UPF-BSM students with leading companies in which they will learn about selection processes, will be able to submit applications through Speed Job Dating and will le...
20 Oct - 2022

Leadership crisis in the UK

Former British premier Liz Truss has resigned just 44 days after taking office amid a severe leadership crisis caused largely by her controversial announcements on pension schemes. 
10 Oct - 2022

Supply chain: from breakdown to revolution

The turbulence of recent times has led to a real change in logistics paradigms: more proximity, more stock and more integration. Oriol Montanyà, Director of the Postgraduate in Total Supply Chain Mana...
7 Oct - 2022

UPF-BSM hosts Disrupting Thinking Research Event with academics from across disciplines to discuss conflict resolution and climate change

For two days, the UPF Barcelona School of Management held various conferences and workshops on geopolitics and sustainability based on more than 30 studies carried out by researchers from up to 15 int...
7 Oct - 2022

Two master's degree of the UPF Barcelona School of Management are among the best in Spain according to QS Business Masters Ranking 2023

UPF-BSM joins the ranking for the first time with the MSc in Finance and Banking and the MSc in Marketing, which are among the top 25 in the world in terms of research impact and academic reputation. ...
3 Oct - 2022

Quiet quitting and quiet firing: two sides of the same coin?

"Quiet quitting" as a term became viral on TikTok, meaning that employees do only what is necessary, they don't actually quit but they don't go the "extra mile". Shortly after the quiet quitting ...
3 Oct - 2022

Marull (PwC): "UPF-BSM is essential for our development due to its academic level, its proximity to the business world and its different values"

The UPF Barcelona School of Management inaugurates the 2022-2023 academic year with the participation of Ignacio Marull, partner responsible for PwC in Catalonia and Andorra, accompanied by the Rector...