23 Sep - 2022

2022-2023 Academic Year Opening Ceremony

On 3 October, at 18:30, Ignacio Marull, partner responsible for PwC in Catalonia and Andorra, will deliver the inaugural lecture of the 2022-2023 academic year.
22 Sep - 2022

How AI is helping local businesses in Barcelona

Increasingly, small businesses are adopting advanced technologies to analyze and predict customer behavior. This is the case of Beabloo, a Barcelona-based company pioneer in the field and partner of B...
22 Sep - 2022

Sustainable consumer behavior: Why is it so hard? How can it get easier?

While it is clear that companies need to undergo a big transformation to become more circular, the circular economy model cannot succeed without the involvement of consumers too. Consumers can partici...
16 Sep - 2022

Carles Peiró, appointed Deputy Director General for Strategy and Business Development at the UPF Barcelona School of Management

Peiró now has the challenge of leading UPF-BSM's business strategy in a global and transversal way for the coming years, something that will represent a crucial qualitative leap for reaching the ...
14 Sep - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management recognises José Ignacio Goirigolzarri as the Business Person of the Year 2021

The Rector of the UPF, Oriol Amat, handed the award to the Chairman of CaixaBank for his leadership in the "main European banking merger" with Bankia. 
12 Sep - 2022

The European energy dilemma

The solution is complex: to carbonize electricity production for the sake of a more competitive price, but contrary to the policies of the 2030 Agenda, or to assume the high cost of electricity with t...
9 Sep - 2022

What is an MBA?

All those who end up passing through the classrooms of business schools end up agreeing: in the end, taking a master's degree is worth it.
7 Sep - 2022

The unstoppable rise in Euribor is already having an impact on personal finances

Inflation is reaching levels that neither experts nor central banks had predicted. This situation, which could worsen between now and the end of the year, is having repercussions on personal finances ...
6 Sep - 2022

The 7th Forum Edita kicks off with a focus on digital transformation and green publishing

The Forum Edita opens its seventh edition under the title "Transformations and impulses in the world of books", with a focus on innovation and sustainability
22 Jul - 2022

Twenty alumni give closing lectures to inspire the graduating class of 21/22

Twenty former students gave the closing lectures during the graduation ceremonies for the 2021/2022 academic year, with the aim of guiding the new adventure that the graduating class is now embarking ...
22 Jul - 2022

Talent UPF-BSM: Meet the 50 students who represented the 2022 graduating class

Direction, challenge, opportunity. These are some of the concepts that the students have used to define their time in the classrooms of UPF-BSM. During the graduation ceremonies, the representatives o...
22 Jul - 2022

The five elements that will mark the return of summer, as seen by the UPF-BSM teaching staff

What kind of world will we find when we return from summer holidays? What will the months leading up to 2023 be like? All these questions have been analysed by the faculty of the UPF Barcelona School ...
21 Jul - 2022

The end of the Draghi miracle: a time of uncertainty

We are currently witnessing a series of circumstances that accelarate the shift to a new political, economical and social paradigm in the West. Climate change is a consequence that will generate unbea...
18 Jul - 2022

Multitasking: the good, the bad and the stressful

The fame of multitasking has progressively gone downhill in the past decade, as evidence consistently showed that it's not the most efficient, nor effective way to work and live. Nia Plamenova, lectur...
15 Jul - 2022

"The European Parliament is wrong to include gas and nuclear as green energy, as they are clearly not"

Marcos Eguiguren, director of the International Chair in Sustainable Finance at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, analyses the European Parliament's decision on the taxonomy that indicates to in...