22 Apr - 2021
The professionalization of football as an economic growth opportunity
The first session of the 10th Conference of the Master in Sports Management deals with various experiences of professionalization of football
19 Apr - 2021
"«Do you want to translate 'War and Peace'?», and I almost fell off my chair"
The translator into Spanish of Tolstoy's War and Peace, Joaquín Fernández Valdés, tells us about the four years he has dedicated to the translation of the epic and brings us closer to the re...
15 Apr - 2021
The Master in Health Economics and Pharmacoeconomics, in the Top 50 in the world
The 2021 edition of the Eduniversal ranking positions it as the fifth best 100% online master's degree and the first ranked in Spain in the categories of Health Economics & Public Health and Healt...
13 Apr - 2021
"It is not about talking about innovation, but about training people to do it"
"How do teams have to change to innovate better?" The Academic Director of the Master in Business Transformation through Innovation at UPF-BSM, Alfons Cornella, has tried to answer this question and o...
25 Mar - 2021
"Data helps us make decisions, foresee the future, classify, segment and find hidden information"
"Before this work was done by statisticians and now this profile has evolved into engineering, analysts and data scientist"
23 Mar - 2021
When the university defeated the Franco regime
The UPF Barcelona School of Management hosts the presentation of the book Quan el franquisme va perdre la universitat. El PSUC i el Sindicat Democràtic d'Estudiants de la Universitat de Barcelona...
17 Mar - 2021
Society Between Pandemics: 800 Pages of Addictive Analysis
The UPF Barcelona School of Management hosts the presentation of the book that celebrates the 25 years of the Gaspar Casal Foundation with reflections on the covid-19 by 48 authors
16 Mar - 2021
"I decided to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to make my own decisions and my own mistakes"
Female entrepreneurship still represents a very small percentage of entrepreneurial ecosystem. During the webinar "Female entrepreneurship", the panellists explain the challenges faced by women in thi...
15 Mar - 2021
Spanish business schools join forces to advance educational programmes in Next Generation projects
Willing to help public authorities modernise the productive fabric
10 Mar - 2021
Angela Y. Davis, honorary doctorate by the UPF: "Gender cannot be separated from race and class, we need to address the systemic causes of exploitation!"
After an atypical 8th of March, the Univeristat Pompeu Fabra has awarded an honorary doctorate to Angela Y. Davis, professor emeritus of the University of California Santa Cruz and North American acti...
8 Mar - 2021
ClubHouse or the new Social Media revolution
The social network that has changed paradigms about algorithms, influencers and content has also given the final boost to a revolution in which Twitter and Facebook seek to recover the magic they have...
8 Mar - 2021
What we have learned from COVID-19
The recent months of the pandemic have caused crises and also opportunities. Many businesses and organisations have taken the opportunity to reflect and grow or change, while others are observing how ...
5 Mar - 2021
The UPF-BSM hosts a discussion on post-covid opportunities between China, Catalonia and Spain
The president of the Union of Chinese Associations in Spain, Lam Chueng Ping, shared with the students his experience of more than 50 years in the business sector in Catalonia and Spain.
3 Mar - 2021
The Alumni UPF-BSM Awards are now open for entries
The awards aim to recognize and give visibility to personal or professional projects with a social impact of UPF Barcelona School of Management alumni.
1 Feb - 2021
8M: win a subscription to watch women in action on Filmin!
The Culture programme raffles 25 two-month subscription to Filmin for students to watch women in action.