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9 Febrero - 2024

Mathematical models: a state of exception

Prof. Andrea Saltelli presents his book “The Politics of Modelling” in Oxford 

15 Enero - 2024

Seven employability trends in 2024

The Head of Career Services at UPF-BSM reflects on employability and recruitment.

8 Enero - 2024

“We train different leaders: conscious leaders. It is part of our mission”. Trends in responsible governance in 2024

How does the new year look in terms of the main pillars of action of the UPF Barcelona School of Management? Marcos Eguiguren, Associate Provost for Strategic Projects at UPF-BSM, reflects on what we will see in terms of conscious leadership and purpose-driven companies.

22 Diciembre - 2023

What will happen in the field of sustainability? Let’s check the outlook for 2024.

Erola Palau, the Director of the Master of Science in Sustainability Management at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, takes a look at what the coming year has in store in terms of sustainability. 

21 Diciembre - 2023

The UPF Barcelona School of Management launches the sixth edition of the Postgraduate Degree in Compliance in Financial Institutions

The 6th edition of the Postgraduate Degree in Compliance in Financial Institutions is now under way, continuing with its collaboration with KPMG and CaixaBank, and with the responsibility for maintaining the standards that have ensured its place among the top professional training centers in the sector.

21 Diciembre - 2023

Toni Aira takes part in the 3rd Agenda 2030 Conference

Toni Aira: “Citizens must approach our relationship with sustainability holistically”

18 Diciembre - 2023

The Agbar Chair presents the Award for the Best Master’s Thesis in the Field of Sustainable Development

14 Diciembre - 2023

Experts in Healthcare Management discuss the main challenges of the National Health System (NHS) in the second edition of the NORTE Forum

Leading experts in healthcare management shared their perspective and insights about ‘Imbalances in the Financing, Organization and Management of the NHS’ and ‘Financing Models and Prices for Innovative Services’

13 Diciembre - 2023

The UPF Barcelona School of Management gives recognition to its teachers on Faculty Acknowledgement Day

The UPF Barcelona School of Management celebrates Faculty Acknowledgement Day, honoring the effort and dedication of all UPF-BSM teaching staff.

28 Noviembre - 2023

Banks, before and after the crisis: a retrospective overview

MIT Press is republishing the seminal book “Microeconomics of Banking”, by Professor Xavier Freixas

27 Noviembre - 2023

José María Álvarez-Pallete is named Business Person of the Year 2022 by the UPF Barcelona School of Management

The UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) presented its Business Person of the Year Award 2022 to the Executive President of Telefónica, José María Álvarez-Pallete, in recognition of the sustainable transformation that the multinational has led and its key role in the global technological green transition.

21 Noviembre - 2023

Towards a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty

The ethical financial institution Triodos Bank, with the support of a group of companies and opinion leaders, sent a letter to the Minister for the Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, requesting that Spain takes a stand in favor of a treaty of this kind at the upcoming COP28 and gathers support from other governments in pursuit of this goal. 

17 Noviembre - 2023

The UPF Barcelona School of Management holds the Student Project Awards 2022-23

The best Master and Postgraduate projects created at the UPF-BSM are given recognition in an edition of the awards with record participation

7 Noviembre - 2023

Books, more vibrant than ever

Professor Javier Aparicio Maydeu views the future of the publishing sector with optimism following his visit to the Frankfurt Book Fair.

2 Noviembre - 2023

Experts from Deloitte Legal and UPF-BSM discuss sobre global talent and international mobility

At the conference ‘Global Talent. Already a new reality’, organized by the Custom Program Department of the UPF-BSM and Deloitte Legal, a group of experts from Deloitte Legal shared and presented their insights on global talent and international mobility. 

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