10 Oct - 2022

Supply chain: from breakdown to revolution

The turbulence of recent times has led to a real change in logistics paradigms: more proximity, more stock and more integration. Oriol Montanyà, Director of the Postgraduate in Total Supply Chain Mana...
7 Oct - 2022

Two master's degree of the UPF Barcelona School of Management are among the best in Spain according to QS Business Masters Ranking 2023

UPF-BSM joins the ranking for the first time with the MSc in Finance and Banking and the MSc in Marketing, which are among the top 25 in the world in terms of research impact and academic reputation. ...
7 Oct - 2022

UPF-BSM hosts Disrupting Thinking Research Event with academics from across disciplines to discuss conflict resolution and climate change

For two days, the UPF Barcelona School of Management held various conferences and workshops on geopolitics and sustainability based on more than 30 studies carried out by researchers from up to 15 int...
3 Oct - 2022

Quiet quitting and quiet firing: two sides of the same coin?

"Quiet quitting" as a term became viral on TikTok, meaning that employees do only what is necessary, they don't actually quit but they don't go the "extra mile". Shortly after the quiet quitting ...
3 Oct - 2022

Marull (PwC): "UPF-BSM is essential for our development due to its academic level, its proximity to the business world and its different values"

The UPF Barcelona School of Management inaugurates the 2022-2023 academic year with the participation of Ignacio Marull, partner responsible for PwC in Catalonia and Andorra, accompanied by the Rector...
28 Sep - 2022

Fake News: existential danger for democracies and the planet?

The spread of disinformation is considered a global threat for freedom and democracy. The Internet has made it easier to publish fake stories, and social media have made it easier to spread false stor...
27 Sep - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management and Microsoft sign a collaboration agreement to boost digital talent and employability

The partnership aims to promote the digital transformation of the school and to apply technological innovation in the training of the leaders of the future.
23 Sep - 2022

2022-2023 Academic Year Opening Ceremony

On 3 October, at 18:30, Ignacio Marull, partner responsible for PwC in Catalonia and Andorra, will deliver the inaugural lecture of the 2022-2023 academic year.
22 Sep - 2022

Sustainable consumer behavior: Why is it so hard? How can it get easier?

While it is clear that companies need to undergo a big transformation to become more circular, the circular economy model cannot succeed without the involvement of consumers too. Consumers can partici...
22 Sep - 2022

How AI is helping local businesses in Barcelona

Increasingly, small businesses are adopting advanced technologies to analyze and predict customer behavior. This is the case of Beabloo, a Barcelona-based company pioneer in the field and partner of B...
16 Sep - 2022

Carles Peiró, appointed Deputy Director General for Strategy and Business Development at the UPF Barcelona School of Management

Peiró now has the challenge of leading UPF-BSM's business strategy in a global and transversal way for the coming years, something that will represent a crucial qualitative leap for reaching the ...
14 Sep - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management recognises José Ignacio Goirigolzarri as the Business Person of the Year 2021

The Rector of the UPF, Oriol Amat, handed the award to the Chairman of CaixaBank for his leadership in the "main European banking merger" with Bankia. 
12 Sep - 2022

The European energy dilemma

The solution is complex: to carbonize electricity production for the sake of a more competitive price, but contrary to the policies of the 2030 Agenda, or to assume the high cost of electricity with t...
9 Sep - 2022

What is an MBA?

All those who end up passing through the classrooms of business schools end up agreeing: in the end, taking a master's degree is worth it.
7 Sep - 2022

The unstoppable rise in Euribor is already having an impact on personal finances

Inflation is reaching levels that neither experts nor central banks had predicted. This situation, which could worsen between now and the end of the year, is having repercussions on personal finances ...