Alumni: a network of opportunities

Alumni: a network of opportunities

Studying at the UPF Barcelona School of Management goes far beyond simply selecting and completing a specific program. Taking the decision to study with us opens the door to the Alumni program from the very beginning. A program made up of a set of proposals that offer you great opportunities, throughout all stages of your professional life, to create community, knowledge and visibility.

Show off your talent

We want to get to know you and for our community to do the same, to highlight your profile and experience, and make you a leading figure in our ecosystem of talent. We offer you various ways to do this.

UPF-BSM Alumni Awards

An annual initiative by the UPF-BSM with the aim of selecting and recognizing alumni who have developed personal or professional projects that generate transformation and have a social impact.

Alumni Interview

Share your relevant projects, achievements or milestones with us: you will be featured in one of the Alumni Interviews that we publish regularly on our corporate channels.

UPF-BSM ambassadors

We generate initiatives in the area of Social Responsibility, such as the promotion of female talent or the +40 scholarships. The involvement of our Alumni is essential to these initiatives in order to boost their exposure.