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Business Administration and Management

UPF-BSMBusiness Administration and Management

We offer you a wide variety of training options linked to the world of business and management, so you will be able to lead any business initiative.

Business Administration and Management

Teacher-led programs from the Department of Economics and Business at Universidad Pompeu Fabra, academics from international universities and executives from leading companies in different sectors. Our master's degrees, postgraduate programs and courses range from a general overview of the world of business and management, as is the case of the MBA, to more transversal or specific competencies, such as digital transformation or social responsibility programs.

From our campus wich is located in the center of the city of Barcelona, either online or blended learning, you will learne theoretical elements and the most current practical aspects of each sector. In addition, you will work professional competencies for managers in the 21st century: leadership, communication, cooperation, adaptive thinking and autonomous learning.

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