Working Papers

The publication of the working papers responds to the desire to make known to the scientific and academic community, as well as to students and professionals, the research that we carry out at UPF-BSM.


  • N. 1 - Feminized Boards of Directors in SMEs: Effects on employees' perceptions and firm performance. Oriol Amat and Erola Palau (Download)
  • N. 2 - Barriers in Financing Hybrid Organizations. Nina Magomedova y Ramon Bastida (Download)
  • N. 3 - Systematic Literature Review on Quality Service in Business Schools. Llorenç Bagur, Marian Buil and Josep Llach. (Download)
  • N. 4 - Corporate Social Responsability and the Initiation of Social Disclosure: Differentiating Disclosing Channels. Luz Parrondo and Javier Gomez-Biscarri (Download)
  • N. 5 - The Relationship Between Corporate Comunicaction Strategies: Are Social and Financial Transparency Aligned? Luz Parrondo and Javier Gomez-Biscarri (Download)
  • N. 6 - Adjustment of IFRS standads with DLT-based tokens taxomony. Luz Parrondo and Andrei Boar (Download)
  • N. 7 - Enterprise Risk Management and Earnings Management: Complements or Substitutes? Luz Parrondo and Javier Gomez-Biscarri (Download)
  • N. 8 - Diversidad Cultural e Innovación en las Empresas: Análisis Bibliográfico. Llorenç Bagur, Marta Mas and Mercè Martín (Download)
  • N. 9 - Hacia una Autoridad Independiente de Evaluación de Intervenciones Sanitarias y Políticas de Salud. Juan Oliva and Jaume Puig-Junoy (Download)
  • N. 10 - Las empresas españolas del Retail ante el nuevo escenario de marcas. Josep Francesc Valls and Itziar Labairu (Download)
  • N. 11- Modelo de Financiación Territorial y de Financiación y Evaluación de Innovaciones en el Sistema Nacional de Salud. Jaume Puig-Junoy, Juan Oliva Moreno, José María Abellán Perpiñán and Natàlia Pascual Argenté (Download)