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31 Mayo - 2023

London Book Fair

The students of master’s degree in Publishing visited the London Book Fair, one of the most important literary fairs in the world. 

31 Mayo - 2023

Differentiation, Convenience, Customer Selection and Own-Label, New Alternatives for The Retail Sector

There are several factors, such as differentiation and convenience, that put pressure on the retail sector.

31 Mayo - 2023

EU’s future according to MEP Alain Lamassoure: more small members, new competences, and Ukraine inside the Union

EU’s future according to MEP Alain Lamassoure: more small members, new competences, and Ukraine inside the Union

25 Mayo - 2023

Paradigm Shift in Conflict Resolution: contributing to a more sustainable Justice System

This news item is about a paradigm shift in conflict resolution towards a more sustainable model

22 Mayo - 2023

UPF Barcelona School of Management enters the Financial Times Executive Education ranking for the first time

The UPF Barcelona School of Management has been included for the first time in the Executive Education Custom 2023 ranking published by the Financial Times, and so has become the first business school linked to a public university in Spain to appear in the most prestigious ranking in the international Higher Education market.

10 Mayo - 2023

Silvia Alsina, a New Member of the Board of Governors of the UPF Barcelona School of Management

Silvia Alsina, current president and CEO of Roman, one of the most prestigious communications consultancies in the country, will add great value to the UPF-BSM Board of Trustees due to her extensive professional career and involvement in key national organizations and entities.  

5 Mayo - 2023

Sport needs to lead the change in the Climate Emergency

Sport must lead the fight against climate change, says Albert Carrio, Secretary General and lecturer at UPF Barcelona School of Management. 

4 Mayo - 2023

Social Networks and Adaptive Capacity: Future Trends in Political Communication

UPF-BSM's Master in Political and Institutional Communication celebrates 10 years with an “electoral debate without candidates”

31 Marzo - 2023

The ICAB hosts the graduation ceremony of the Master’s Degree in Professional Legal Practice of the UPF-BSM

The auditorium of the Palauet Casades hosted on 16 February the graduation of the students of the 12th Master’s Degree in Professional Legal Practice and the ceremony was attended by ICAB Vice-Dean

30 Marzo - 2023

More colours are needed to render environmental and health policies

A team of eight institutes, let by the UPF Barcelona School of Management and including universities from Norway, Poland, Estonia and the United Kingdom show how the inclusion of neglected currents of thought such as non-Ricardian economics, bioeconomics and a set of qualitative-quantitative methods from post-normal science leads to richer perspectives. 

30 Marzo - 2023

Green bonds, a growing market and new regulations

Marcos Eguiguren discusses green bonds and what their standardization proposed by the European Union consists of and what implications they may have for the market.

27 Marzo - 2023

What are the best digital tools you can use for selling?

In the webinar Technological solutions for retail: from the cash register to omnichannel, organized by the Chair of Future Retail Scenarios of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, Luján presented the solutions offered by his technology for retail company

22 Marzo - 2023

Meet the Advisors: students on the Start-UPFlama program receive advice from UPF-BSM experts

3 March a Meet the Advisors session took place at UPF-BSM, an activity within the UPF entrepreneurship program where third and fourth year students in the university get to know and are mentored by UPF-BSM experts.

22 Marzo - 2023

Is it profitable for a food store to open an e-shop? 20 UPF-BSM students respond to the challenge

One of the activities organized by the UPF-BSM to promote collaboration with the world of business was the Challenge “The challenge for the food sector: how physical store chains can make e-commerce profitable”.

14 Marzo - 2023

Rodrigo Cetina debate sobre la regulación de internet en una conferencia acogida por la UNESCO

Rodrigo Cetina, Associate Dean de la UPF Barcelona School of Management, participó recientemente en la conferencia “Internet for Trust Global Conference”, que tuvo lugar en la sede de UNESCO en París entre el 21 y el 23 de febrero, y cuyo objetivo principal fue discutir y aportar a la redacción final de un gobierno sobre lineamientos para la regulación de internet alrededor del mundo. 

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