23 Nov - 2021

More industrial startups are needed

Industrial technology startups are scientific-technical based companies with a validated technology, which offer the market a tangible product. These startups are the great unknown of our entrepreneur...
17 Nov - 2021

UPF-BSM, classified as a school with “international influence” by EdUniversal

The UPF Barcelona School of Management has been distinguished with the recognition of academic excellence with "four palms of excellence" according to the EdUniversal classification. The agency classi...
16 Nov - 2021

Greater availability at work does not mean greater productivity, according to a study by UPF-BSM

The UPF Barcelona School of Management's Business Leadership Observatory conducts a research on digital disconnection between more than 90 companies from up to 40 different occupational sectors.
16 Nov - 2021

Collective plans come to revolutionize the pension system

The Ministry will put a brake on individual pension plans and will give wings to company or collective plans, increasing their deduction margin and creating a plan to strengthen them. The UPF Barcelon...
16 Nov - 2021

Modify the environment to reverse excess body fat

The current food supply is a trap that leads to obesity. The sale of obesogenic products must be shifted to the tobacconist or to other specific establishments.
10 Nov - 2021

“Cruelty-free and vegan products will be taken for granted in some years in the beauty sector”

José Gallart graduated from MSC in Marketing at UPF Barcelona School of Management and now he is Brand Manager of Max Factor, Sally Hansen and Astor. From his position he explains the challenges that ...
9 Nov - 2021

Four-day work week: is it too good to be true?

Even before the covid-19 pandemic the topic of a four-day work week was a hot one, and now, as companies are re-inventing themselves, the idea of a reduced workweek has gained momentum.
9 Nov - 2021

Present bookstores and their questions about the future

We celebrate the world day of bookstores as the pandemic begins to dissolve in the viral atmosphere, perhaps it is time to think seriously about what happened to them in March of last year.
9 Nov - 2021

COP26: the limits of frustration (and certain leadership)

In the hyper-accelerated times we live, in an era of turbo-politics, the contrast between what leaders promise and what they do is more immediate. Therefore, if there is one, you first see the tr...
4 Nov - 2021

The UPF Barcelona School of Management organizes a course on the Next Generation funds

The UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) co-organizes the course Los fondos europeos para la recuperación de la economía española: fundamentos y guía para su solicitud together with the Genera...
2 Nov - 2021

Elvira: “Inflation has come to stay for a while”

The forecasts for the Spanish economy have been drastically revised in recent days. From joy to restraint. The director of the Masters in Banking and Finance and professor at UPF Barcelona School of M...
2 Nov - 2021

Investing in Bitcoin?

Investing in Bitcoin is more like investing in philately, where we invest in a small piece of paper in the hope that others will be willing to pay more for it in the future.
2 Nov - 2021

Understanding how GAFAM are so good at knowing us

How many times have you thought your devices may be listening to you? The fact is you are not alone. According to a survey by The Independent, around 66% have some suspicious about their devices liste...
28 Oct - 2021

Master in Publishing reaches its 25th anniversary fully integrated in the international publishing industry

Master in Publishing reaches its 25th anniversary after having promoted more than 50 companies in the book sector and having trained many professionals in the Spanish and Catalan publishing sector, as...
26 Oct - 2021

Freire: "Communities with anorexia nervosa are isolated on social media and need to be connected to healthy accounts"

The STOP project, led by PhD Ana Freire, has carried out a study that analyses how anorexia nervosa is expressed on social networks, as in the most severe cases it can lead to self-harm and even suici...