8 Mar - 2022

Bye-bye stereotypes: why brands shouldn't communicate to women

Women are involved in more than 80% of purchasing decisions. It is not surprising that they are the target audience of many marketing and communication campaigns, although they are often spoken to fro...
8 Mar - 2022

There are no women in Tech, so what?

Artificial Intelligence can be an ally in the fight for gender equality, but it needs to be trained. Through machine learning, algorithms learn whatever we want them to, but something that seems compl...
7 Mar - 2022

Alumni Neus Ballús wins the best direction Premi Gaudí for 'Sis dies corrents'

The UPF Barcelona School of Management alumni, Neus Ballús, wins the best film Gaudí Award 2022.
7 Mar - 2022

Entrepreneurship is for women too

Only 4.7% of women are entrepreneurs in Spain, and 6.3% in Europe. This reality means that women drive only 20% of start-ups. The data show that entrepreneurship is also far from gender equality. Susa...
7 Mar - 2022

Up to 428 companies have left Lleida in the last 6 years, according to a study by UdL and UPF-BSM

Up to 428 companies have left Lleida in the last six years, a figure that accounts for 3.2% of the total companies in the territory, according to the Survey on the relocation of companies from th...
7 Mar - 2022

Fintech, a chance to feminise a male-dominated sector

The financial and technological sectors have a gender diversity problem. Women are under-represented in management positions, and even less so in founding positions. However, in the fintech sector, th...
6 Mar - 2022

"Sustainability is a core concept to keep in mind for all companies if they want to survive"

Rebecca Ferreri, Operations Planning Specialist at Ferrero, is Master of Science in International Business alumni at UPF Barcelona School of Management.
4 Mar - 2022

The UPF Barcelona School of Management reduces electricity and water consumption and emissions by 20% during the VII Energy Marathon

La UPF Barcelona School of Management ha reduit un 20% el consum d’energia elèctrica, aigua i emisions durant el mes de febrer amb la Marató de l’Energia, en consonància amb els valors i objectius de ...
3 Mar - 2022

ACCID and UPF-BSM collect in a publication methodologies for measuring the social impact of organizations

The Catalan Association of Accounting and Management (ACCID) and the UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) have published Measuring and managing the 'social impact of organizations (2021), the ...
1 Feb - 2022

"Sustainable finance has always excluded the military industry"

The European Union's new regulations on sustainable investment threaten the financing of the military industry. Commission advisers recommend hanging the "socially unsustainable" label on the defense ...
1 Feb - 2022

The economic consequences of the Russian attack on Ukraine

The professor at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, Xavier Brun, explains the economic consequences of the Russian attack on Ukraine, such as rising commodity or energy prices
1 Feb - 2022

Europe faces a decisive hour

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia is undoubtedly the most significant war event in Europe since the end of the Second World War.
1 Feb - 2022

Innovation in administrative mediation in Catalonia

The Government approves the report of the Preliminary Draft Law on the Administrative Procedure and Legal Regime of the Public Administrations of Catalonia
1 Feb - 2022

Global supply chains take another hit

While supply chains are still recovering from the so-called container crisis, another major event is looming that will have a major impact: the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In an article publi...
24 Feb - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management and Barcelona Chamber of Commerce sign a collaboration agreement to promote business training in the field of internationalization

The UPF management school  and the Chamber reach an agreement for the internationalization of companies and students