19 May - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management awards the best master's and postgraduate projects of the class of 2021

The Student Project Awards have awarded 21 students in the 2020-2021 academic year for their master's and postgraduate final projects in up to seven different categories.
18 May - 2022

AMBA accreditation distinguishes now UPF-BSM's programs in international business and the full-time MBA, making a total of six

The International Association of Masters in Business Administration has now accredited the family of programs in international business: the Master of Science in International Business, jointly offere...
17 May - 2022

UPF-BSM Director General Martinez-Sierra leads panel on European University Alliances: "When done right, University Alliances can be game-changers"

The Director General of the UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM), Jose M. Martinez-Sierra, chaired a session within the framework of the European Universities Summit, organised by the Times Hi...
10 May - 2022

Green consumers: a business opportunity for brands

Green consumers translate their commitment to planetary well-being into their purchasing habits and tend to be wellinformed consumers
10 May - 2022

How does unhealthy advertising impact on children's eating habits?

Children represent a huge market for advertisers. Therefore, marketing of pre-dominantly unhealthy products plays an important part in their eating habits. Within this context, Alexandra Theben carrie...
6 May - 2022

UPF Barcelona School of Management rewards its best teachers and recognises Jaume Puig-Junoy as Faculty of the Year

UPF-BSM held the first edition of the Faculty Acknowledgement Day, which recognised Jaume Puig-Junoy, Distinguished Professor at UPF-BSM, as Faculty of the Year. In addition, five lecturers were award...
28 Apr - 2022

The UPF Barcelona School of Management obtains the EQUIS accreditation and places itself among the top business schools in the world

This recognition, available to only 206 of the nearly 30,000 business schools in the world of these characteristics, is added to that previously awarded by AMBA, makes UPF-BSM the first business schoo...
29 Mar - 2022

Metaverse and education

Perhaps the Spanish public universities, the European Union or UNESCO should promote their own virtual spaces. A quality public metaverse? Why not?
29 Mar - 2022

The energy crisis in the world today

We are entering a global energy crisis unprecedented in human history. The increasing availability of fossil fuels from which we have powered our societies is coming to an end, and with it the end of ...
28 Mar - 2022

It's the economy, as always

The war in the Ukraine accelerated inflation, which was already clearly rising. To mitigate the effects of inflation, there will be no other way than to raise rates, but raising rates implies standing...
25 Mar - 2022

“The era of cheap and abundant energy is ending”

"The era of cheap and abundant energy is coming to an end", this has been the warning of the CSIC scientist and disseminator, Antonio Turiel, at the conference The Energy Crisis in the World Today, or...
22 Mar - 2022

Decentralized finance reduces the effect of the blockade on Russia

Cryptocurrencies can play the role of safe haven asset in the face of the collapse of money and the blocking of bank accounts due to sanctions on Russia.
22 Mar - 2022

The management of mediation in companies

En estos últimos meses, y a raíz de la reforma que traerá la ley de medidas de eficiencia procesal del servicio público de Justicia, la mediación y las formas adecuadas de gestión de conflictos vuelve...
22 Mar - 2022

Is Russia's possible default economic or political?

The deficit, the debt, the downgrade and the default are the four steps to hell for a country. The Russian deficit is 4%, the debt is 19% and they have a Triple B.
22 Mar - 2022

"Spain has to multiply its rate of building rehabilitation by 25"

José Luís Pellicer has a doctorate in Economic Sciences, a Law Degree, Secretary of the Board of Trustees of the Metropolitan House Foundation and collaborator of the Chair of Decent and Sustainable H...