22 Sep - 2021
The UPF is the fourth best university in Europe and the first university in Spain, according to U-Multirank.
In this ranking promoted by the European Commission, the UPF is the university of the State which obtains more indicators with the highest rating (A), with a total of sixteen, six of which in the fiel...
21 Sep - 2021
Merkel: with head and heart
German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down, ending an era of leadership in Germany, the European Union and global politics. The professor and director of the Master in Political and Institutional Comm...
21 Sep - 2021
Political negotiation in Catalonia
The organization of the joint meeting between the opposing parties, in negotiations with a high level of conflict, such as the negotiating table or dialogue table between the Spanish government and th...
17 Sep - 2021
Almirall and the UPF Barcelona School of Management create a chair for innovation in pharmaceutical policies
The Almirall Chair for Innovation Management in Pharmaceutical Policies in the National Health System will be led by Professor Jaume Puig-Junoy, director of the Master in Health and Medicinal Eco...
14 Sep - 2021
The year technology permeated all the world's education
About three decades ago, online education came about. The proliferation of online programs, exclusively online universities, and even online "shopping" portals has spread very notably over the last th...
14 Sep - 2021
How can Analytics benefit the increasingly demanded Home Care Services
It is clear that a better use of limited resources can guarantee the quality of life of elderly people, allowing to extend the benefits of these home cares to an increasing ageing population. This wil...
14 Sep - 2021
Equal pay for equal work
Women earn on average 68% less than men for doing work of equal value. In the framework of the International Equal Pay Day, the researcher Erola Palau Pinyana, analyzes the new regulations that regula...
14 Sep - 2021
"The climate crisis will inevitably destroy coffee crops"
UPF Barcelona School of Management alumni Mauhoobah Mardhiyyah is Communications Specialist at Ulinzi Conservation Coffee (UCC). She graduated from the Master of Arts in Communication Management ...
9 Sep - 2021
NHS financing and innovation, discussed at the GSK Chair of the UPF Barcelona School of Management
NHS Health Economy and Funding attend a meeting organized by the GSK Chair and UPF Barcelona School of Management
7 Sep - 2021
Yes to a new El Prat, but at what price?
In August 2021, the agreement for the expansion of Barcelona Airport was announced amid doubts about the environmental impact that the works would have on the environment. Professor Andrei Boar, an ex...
22 Jul - 2021
The MSc in International Business from UPF-BSM and ESCI-UPF, a close collaborator with the United Nations
The Master of Science from the UPF Barcelona School of Management and ESCI-UPF through the Careers Service offers its students the opportunity to undertake an internship agreement with the United Nati...
16 Jul - 2021
UPF-BSM Summer School addresses new trends in management, leadership and entrepreneurship
UPF Barcelona School of Management has offered through its Summer School a series of conferences and workshops to address the challenges already faced by the new post-pandemic leadership and to discov...
14 Jul - 2021
95% of employees attend to work messages outside working hours, according to a study by the UPF-BSM
The Business Leadership Observatory of the UPF Barcelona School of Management presents the study Digital Detox, an Essential Labor Right for Health conducted by Sílvia Cóppulo and Erola Palau, researc...
14 Jul - 2021
"The best experience of the past becomes the norm"
“When brands do things well, things go well for them”, declared Josep-Maria Fàbregas, academic director of the Master in Digital Marketing Management at UPF Barcelona School of Management in Next Mark...
6 Jul - 2021
"Commitment and motivation have kept us going"
Marta Arenas, Executive MBA student, Graduation 2021 speech.