Master of Science in Management (specialization in Operations and Supply Chain Management)


The MSc in Management recognizes students whose thesis represents a substantial contribution to the discipline.

The students and thesis awarded in last academic years are:


Karol Michal Bak Buying and selling services

Aina Fernández Espasa
Cultural attributes and firm performance during the financial crisis: A study of Spanish manufacturing firms


Franziska Stefanie Schöffer
The Diffusion of Internet Retailing in the Years 2000-2014 and its Effect on Employment in the Retailing Industry: A Cross-Country Stud

Alberto Abreu Nuñez and  Romana Behúnová
Real Food! Making healthy food accessible!


Sean Mcclymont
Centralisation and performance: Analysis in an IT operations unit

Anneke Kilka
Human Mobility. Your way back…

Gerard Perez Mas


Sophie Halls
Differing perceptions of gender stereotype violations by men and women expressing a feminist identity

Marta Sole
The globalization of israeli startups through cross-border investment

Eric Luna
Hiding behind a lie: An analysis of competitive balance and it’s effect on NBA team valuation