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Michael John Greenacre

Michael John Greenacre

Emeritus Professor UPF


  • Master of Science in Management

Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

  • GREENACRE, M. J. (2022). Principal component analysis. Nature Reviews Methods Primers.
  • GREENACRE, M. J., REY, F., SILVA NETO, G. M., BUENO-PARDO, J., DOMINGUES, M. R., CALADO, R. (2022). Fatty acid ratio analysis identifies changes in competent meroplanktonic larvae sampled over different supply events. Marine Environmental Research, Gran Bretaña.
  • FIELER, R., GREENACRE, M. J., MATSSON, S., NEVES, L., FORBORD, S., HANCKE, K. (2021). Erosion Dynamics of Cultivated Kelp, Saccharina latissima, and Implications for Environmental Management and Carbon Sequestration. 10.3389/fmars.2021.632725, Suiza.