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Gert Cornelissen

Gert Cornelissen

Associate Professor UPF
Academic Director

  • Business & Management Strategy

  • Doctor, Science, Other. Psichology.
  • Master Universitario, Science, Other. Psychology.
  • Graduate, Science, Other, Psychology.


  • Master of Science in Marketing
  • Master of Science in Management

  • Academic Director - UPF Barcelona School of Management
  • Faculty - Escola Superior Comerç Internacional

Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

  • CORNELISSEN, G., BROWER, C., C., BOLDERDIJK, J. W., KURZ, T., T. (2022). Communication strategies for moral rebels: How to talk about change in order to inspire self-efficacy in others. WIREs Climate Change.
  • BOLDERDIJK, J. W., CORNELISSEN, G. (2022). “How do you know someone's vegan?” They won't always tell you. An empirical test of the do-gooder's dilemma. Appetite.
  • RODE, J., HEINZ, N., CORNELISSEN, G., LE MENESTREL, M. (2021). How to encourage business professionals to adopt sustainable practices? Experimental evidence that the ‘business case’ discourse can backfire. Journal of Cleaner Production.
  • CORNELISSEN, G. (2018). When Do Morally Motivated Innovators Elicit Inspiration Instead of Irritation? Frontiers in Psychology.