Postgraduate Course in Accounting Management and Administrative Control (blended learning)

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

1. Analysis of companies I

  • Review of the most recent research in business analysis.
  • Economic and financial analysis of the company. One-dimensional and multidimensional models.
  • Financial statement analysis identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems.
  • Working capital analysis. Relationship between working capital and the cash conversion cycle.
  • Analysis of the profit generating capacity. Analysis of cost and revenue of the firm which determines whether or not the firm is profiting.
  • Economic value creation.    

2. Strategic Cost Management

  • Relationship between cost accounting, financial accounting and management accounting.
  • Review of the most recent research in management accounting.
  • Activity based costing and activity based management.
  • Cost management information for strategic management purpose.
  • Cost structure and business models.
  • Cost reduction and continuous improvement.

3. Budgetary management and control

  • Relationship between information systems and business processes.
  • Budgeting and management process: effective budgeting systems in practice.
  • Review of the most recent research in budgetary management.
  • Management control system techniques.
  • Performance measures.
  • Strategic planning and management system and the balanced scorecard.
  • Management control system techniques: long and short range planning.
  • Case studies in management control systems.

4. Managerial skills I.

Presentation of written and oral reports. Time management. Organization of work and circuits.

final project should be presented at the end of the postgraduate course.


*The information contained herein may be subject to changes.

Final Degree

Postgraduate Course on Accounting Management and Administrative Control, awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University.