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Andrei Boar Boar

Andrei Boar Boar

Teaching Assistant UPF-BSM
Academic coordinator

Andrei Boar is the academic coordinator of the tailor-made programs in the financial area and Teaching Assistant of the accounting, finance and control area at UPF Barcelona School of Management.

Before joining UPF-BSM, he worked as CFO in several start-ups and as a commercial manager in financial institutions. His line of research focuses on the impact of sustainability in companies, specifically on the implementation of the SDGs and their indicators.

Andrei holds a PhD in Business and Law from the International University of Catalonia, a Master in Financial and Accounting Management from UPF-BSM, and is an economist and lawyer from the Universitat...

  • Finance & Control

  • Doctor, Social and Legal Sciences, Business Administration and Management


  • Master in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master in Marketing
  • Master in Supply Chain Management, Technology and Sustainability
  • Master in Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies
  • Blended Master in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Master in Digital Marketing Management
  • Full Time MBA
  • Full Time MBA in english

  • Academic coordinator - UPF Barcelona School of Management
  • Director de Operaciones - Airning
  • Gestión comercial - BBVA
  • Administratiu - Associació Catalana de Comptabilitat i Direcció (ACCID)

Actividad Investigadora y transferencia

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