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I chose the Master of Arts in Communication Management because I wanted to go deeper into managing corporate communications among different channels and learn more about strategically managing. Furthermore, the good reputation of UPF Barcelona School of Management and the possibility to live in Barcelona were additional factors that supported my decision.

During my year in Barcelona I have had the chance to learn a lot about different communication fields such as Marketing, Branding or Public Relations. Hereby, it was very helpful that the program nudged us to apply the strategies to real companies or brands. That way it was more than just studying theory but putting it to practice. From my experience I can tell that this is very helpful when starting your first job. But the learning went beyond what the syllabus had planned for us.

Living in a new city or even country and studying with people from all around the world teaches you so many intercultural skills that shape you for life and help you develop. In a business world that is increasingly shaped of its internationality, those skills are crucial to succeed.

Make use of the classes you get, the freedom of choosing topics for your assignments or even your Master Thesis. For me, this has helped me to start off in a job that is related to my thesis’ topic and that I am interested in. Use it as an opportunity to shape your path the way you want it.


I chose the Master of Arts in Communication Management because it was a compact and international communication program with a special focus on digital communication. In my specialization I learned different digital strategies as well as SEO and Social Media Management.

The program offers high flexibility and the possibility to choose different elective courses to fit them with your needs. In addition to the regular classes, the Career Development Program compliments the experience providing great help in finding internships and optimizing your CV. I did also the Spanish course and it was a nice way to learn the language of the country you are living in!