Commitment to Quality

In order to continue offering differential value to all of the professionals who choose to study at UPF Barcelona School of Management, and in order to meet the maximum quality requirements that may affect all of the groups who have a link to the school, UPF Barcelona School of Management is committed to the continued improvement of the organization's governing processes, the program syllabus, the teaching staff, and the educational model.

To do so, we have established self-assessment and accreditation processes that are reviewed and approved by the Quality Committee, allowing us to ensure that the courses we provide to students and professionals are appropriate and aligned with performance expectations. Such processes have also allowed us to obtain new accreditations from the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU) and highly valuable professional certifications for our MA and postgraduate courses.

Moreover, the focus on organizational processes and culture encourages us to evolve towards more agile, flexible and fluid organizational models, which in turn enable the school to transform itself and adapt quickly to change.

The Quality Committee is made up of representatives from academia and management. Students and ex-alumni of UPF-BSM also participate. Its main functions are to review and approve the Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS), draw up the quality policy, monitor qualifications, analyse indicators and promote ongoing improvement plans at centre level. 

Process map related to the educational quality management

Quality process map