Promoting research and study of the 2030 Agenda, and its promotion and communication from institutions with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and development.

The chair was born from the joint wish between UPF-BSM and the AGBAR group to promote the study and knowledge of the future of the 2030 Agenda and the field of sustainability. The aim is to promote research and dissemination of the study on institutional communication for sustainable development and growth integrated into the implementation of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda. To this end, the chair seeks to follow the different challenges of the 2030 Agenda, offering an interdisciplinary vision based on the intersection of different areas of research and knowledge, while seeking to provide useful knowledge for academia and the private sector.   


  • The chair seeks to bring the main debates and challenges concerning the United Nations 2030 Agenda closer to the university community and the Catalan population. Promote the study of models of growth and sustainable development through analysis of the field of institutional communication and its relationship with other disciplines.
  • Encourage high-impact applied research, developing possible indicators for evaluating international policies and experiences in the world of institutional communication and its intersection with other related fields. To do so, the chair will seek to expand knowledge of the 2030 Agenda, emphasizing the following specific thematic areas:
    • Institutional and Political Communication
    • Country brand and international political/economic effects of the 2030 Agenda
    • Finance and international markets, and their influence on new economic policies and models of economic development
  • Carry out activities for the dissemination and transfer of knowledge concerning the 2030 Agenda and sustainable growth through the organization of both academic and outreach activities of knowledge derived from the scientific production of the chair.  


Toni Aira

Chair director and researcher of academic, outreach, and research activities related to the scientific production of the chair.

Daniel Rajmil

Coordinator and promoter of research, academic, and dissemination activities linked to the scientific production of the chair.

Lucía Morales

Researcher linked to the Àgbar UPF-BSM Chair of International Studies in Institutional Communication and Sustainable Development.

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L Morales, D Rajmil, JH Coetzer (2021) “The United States of America and its "Lost American Dream" - Economic Development without Immigration and a Weakening Educational”, World Humanitarian Forum Magazine.

D Rajmil, L Morales, B Andreosso-O'Callaghan (2020) “China's Ecological Civilization: Geopolitical and Geo-economic Insights”, Sustainable Development and Energy Transition in Europe and Asia, 45-64



Master en comunicació política i institucional
Aprén a dissenyar campanyes de comunicació política i discursos polítics i corporatius eficaços, i a gestionar-ne l'impacte comunicatiu per canals online i offline.


Posa't en contacte amb nosaltres si necessites més informació o vols estar al dia sobre el treball i les últimes novetats de la càtedra.

Daniel Rajmil
Coordinador càtedra