Why choose us?

To help you get to know us better and evaluate what we have to offer, we're going to tell you six things we're very proud of and which make UPF Barcelona School of Management unique.

1. We're one of Europe's best universities

UPF Barcelona School of Management forms part of Pompeu Fabra University, a research-oriented public university with an international outlook which, in the space of just 25 years, has joined the ranks of the best universities in Europe.

the ranking Times Higher Education Ranking (2020): UPF is the #1 university in Spain (ranked #143 globally (placing it in the top 150) and #60 in Europe). 57th highest ranked university in the world in economics and business (1st in Spain and 15th in Europe).
Times Higher Education Young University Ranking (2019): UPF is ranked #11 in the list of the world's best universities under 50 years old. (The #1 university in Spain and #6 in Europe.)
u ranking U-Multirank (2019): #2 university in Spain and #23 in Europe.
U-Ranking (BBVA Foundation and Ivie, 2019): #1 university in Spain.
xangai ranking Shanghai University Ranking (2018): The Shanghai University ranking places UPF among the top 250 universities in the world.


2. A renowned teaching staff

Academics, researchers, experts in financial markets, accounting, health economics, marketing, personal development and corporate management; tax consultants, communicators, filmmakers, journalists, lawyers, scientists, translators, writers, video-game developers and disruptive professionals from all over the world form part of the teaching staff at UPF Barcelona School of Management.

Our team draws on the research and academic excellence of Pompeu Fabra University and the expertise of prestigious professional practice in multiple market segments and industrial sectors.

3. Our own educational model

  • Our approach is based on management as an essential resource for the development of any profession. We do not associate management exclusively with the business world or executive roles: we also view it as the capacity to make ideas become reality, in any knowledge area or professional field.
  • Our approach is personalized, because every professional is unique. Identifying the skills and competences that make a person unique is vital to enabling them to become the best version of themselves.
  • We believe in the value of an interdisciplinary outlook. UPF Barcelona School of Management offers interdisciplinary knowledge and competences that enrich your chosen specialization and academic track.
  • Our approach is articulated in the form of active methodologies such as project-, problem- or challenge-based learning, gamification, and flipped learning.
  • Our programs incorporate culture and the humanities to provide context for debate and ideas and to improve our understanding of the modern world.

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4. An international experience

  • Some 40% of the students at UPF Barcelona School of Management are from overseas, and have come to the school to study one of the 100 or so master and postgraduate programs offered by UPF Barcelona School of Management in online, blended or on-site format, whether in Barcelona or abroad.
  • Students have the option of choosing international training programs and academic collaboration agreements with international universities and business schools in Europe, Asia and America.

5. Links to the professional world

UPF Barcelona School of Management's Professional Careers Service boasts links to an extensive network of companies and institutions in various sectors and spheres, which together represent a key asset in the creation of our ecosystem of talent. The main objectives of the Professional Careers Service are as follows:

  • To identify, boost and promote the talent of the school's students.
  • To respond to the needs of a demanding and competitive job market that requires talent with scientific knowledge.
  • To promote suitable competences, skills and attitudes so students can meet the challenge of creating, innovating and transforming.
  • To promote the development of professionals who have a global and flexible outlook and are capable of adapting to suit their professional context at both the local and international level.

6. Ecosystem of multidisciplinary talent

The UPF Barcelona School of Management community encompasses a broad range of professional and academic profiles: not only on the part of our lecturers, but also on the part of our students. This diversity is one of our greatest assets, and is also one of the factors that makes our educational approach stand out. Taking advantage of this wealth and forging unexpected connections in order to develop transformative solutions forms part of our mission, as does the willingness to transform society and our planet through critical thinking and social awareness.

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