Master in Financial Markets

Employment opportunities

Upon completion of this master, both professionals in the finance sector and degree holders without experience will be able to:

  • Possess the right criteria when acquiring any type of product.
  • Manage portfolios.
  • Offer advice on equity.
  • Etc

In short, they will be Financial Markets experts.

Our students' experience

Usamah Al-Hamad
Edition: 2018

"My name is Usamah Alhamad and I'm from Saudi Arabia.

In recent years, the evolution of the global economy has led to the emergence of new financial products and new markets, as well as substantial changes in management techniques, functions and objectives. Financiers' professionals have the skills to create value at all time's capacity, allocate and distribute financial resources in the most efficient manner possible. The Master in Financial Markets is designed to meet the economic changes necessary solvency and anticipation that today's organizations demand.

The main objectives I had are: optimize the financial decisions in a changing economic and financial environment, deepen the diagnosis of the financial situation and knowing the idiosyncrasies and effective steps to develop financial plans, to show us the exact economic situation of the markets and allow us to anticipate potential financing needs.

Practicing with the department of PHD of Universitat Pompeu Fabra for the corporate governance project / Product Market Competition gave me an expansion learning experiences that reflects the achievement of the master objectives.

Thank you for your great work you do. Your contributions make a real difference!"