Master in Financial Markets


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
29 September 2021 (to be confirmed)
End of program:
30 June 2022 (to be confirmed)
Class times:

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 5 to 9 pm

Program type:
Official Master's Degree
Tuition fees:

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The Master in Financial Markets at UPF Barcelona School of Management will teach you to analyse and interpret global financial markets, efficiently manage any portfolio or estate, and explore the reality of financial products in order to transfer them to clients, with a critical, differential and competitive viewpoint.

The Master in Financial Markets touches on all the basic aspects of financial management and consultancy, and the current reality of private banking. During the course you will revise basic aspects of statistics and financial mathematics, study the structure of markets and products, and look at the taxes specific to new financial products. You will also come to understand the current dynamics of collective investment funds and how to detect and develop leadership skills that will be useful in your professional career. You will thus be able to create any type of portfolio made up of the most complex financial assets.

Aimed at professionals in the financial sector and university graduates from economics or business administration and management, the Master in Financial Markets educates finance professionals; private banking managers, investment fund managers, risk managers, financial analysts, personal banking, office directors, treasury managers, etc.

Internationally located among the 100 best masters in their specialty for EDUNIVERSAL, The Master in Financial Markets is characterized by a profound analytical approach of its contents and the deep knowledge of its teachers.

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Why this program?

  1. Because it is endorsed by the international prestige of its director Dr. Xavier Freixas, the former president of the Risk-Based Regulation Programme of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) the European Finance Association (EFA) and by the 250 students that have passed through the course and are now practising professionally.
  2. Because of the international recognition it has received: 54th position in the Eduniversal world rankings in the category of Financial Management Masters, 3rd in Spain, 1st in Barcelona.
  3. Because you will have the opportunity secure a professional internship in leading institutions in the sector such as Everis, Sociedad Rectora de la Bolsa de Valores de Barcelona, Compañía Emprenova de Innovación y Gestión, Banco Sabadell, Criteria Caixaholding, etc.
  4. Because its contents mean that once you finish the master you will be prepared to take the International Certificate in Financial Advice (ICFA), Financial Risk Manager (FRM) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams.
  5. Because you will enroll in a program member of the University Affiliation Program of the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Institute. 2 scholarships for the CFA exam will be available for each class.
  6. Because you will learn managing one of the most used tools in the sector: Thompson Reuters.
  7. For the opportunities it offers you for networking and finding job opportunities: you will be sharing a class with local and international students and lecturers from the financial sector.
  8. Because it incorporates an advanced, self-designed learning model based on the educational philosophy of the UPF Barcelona School of Management's manifesto.


When they have completed the Master's, students will have the ability to:

  • Value financial market products, including fixed income assets and more complex assets such as OTCs.
  • Analyse the different situations that occur in the market and adjust portfolios accordingly.
  • Advise on any type of client profile.
  • Learn the application BPWeb by INDRA, used by the main private banking organisations.
  • Obtain information from the Reuters 3000 Xtra programme and be able to present themselves for the programme's basic level certification exam. This certificate is awarded by Reuters.
  • Obtain the knowledge needed to later present themselves independently for the International Certificate in Financial Advice (ICFA) exam for financial advisors, awarded by the Securities & Investments Institute of London.
  • Obtain the knowledge needed to later present themselves independently for the European Financial Advisor (EFA) exam for financial advisors, awarded by the European Financial Planning Association (EFPA).
  • Furthermore, during the academic year, students will be members of the Global Association of Risk Professionals. This is the association that awards the FRM certificate, one of the most prestigious in the field of risk. This membership will entitle students to free access of the association's data bases and most up to date documents regarding risk analysis methods.

Who is it for?

This master is aimed at both professionals in the finance sector and degree holders without experience who, when completing the master, will be able to:

  • Evaluate products on the financial market, from fixed income assets to more complex assets, such as OTCs
  • Analyse the different situations which arise on the market and adapt portfolios to these situations
  • Provide advice for any client profile

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