What is the Sustainability Observatory?

The Observatory is a center dedicated to the study, reflection and transfer of knowledge in the field of sustainability in the business sector, embracing three dimensions in an integrated manner:

  • Economic sustainability: fostering successful business models.
  • Social sustainability: bringing well-being to people.
  • Environmental sustainability: respecting the planet.
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  • To be a proactive applied research organization based on the principles of pluralism, autonomy and critical capacity.
  • To develop projects that bring rationality to public debate and encourage action in public and private institutions.
  • Systematically disseminate knowledge through activities and publications.
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The UPF-BSM Sustainability Observatory has a team of top-level researchers who combine academic excellence with professional experience. United by the interest in business sustainability, they embrace different fields of knowledge, from marketing to finance, including operations, technology, strategy or corporate social responsibility.

Oriol Montanyà


Graduate in Sociology from the UAB, graduate in Journalism from the UPF and a doctorate in Economics and Business from the UVic.

Erola Palau


Graduate in International Business and Languages from the Rotterdam Business School, Master of Science in Management and Business Analytics from UPF-BSM.

News and Articles

We present a selection of articles and relevant news that deal with sustainability issues, with special emphasis on the news generated by the UPF Barcelona School of Management itself, but also being a small window to know that information of international scope that stands out for its relevance or innovative character.

Outstanding news



Publications and Studies

This section offers a compilation of the most outstanding research papers published by researchers and consultants who are part of the UPF-BSM Sustainability Observatory.


The compilation of the courses we offer at UPF-BSM revolves around the three axes of sustainability: economic, environmental and social.

Online Master in Scientific, Medical, and Environmental Communication.
Communication, Journalism and Translation Area.
Directed by: Gemma Revuelta and Carolina Llorente.
The Online Master in Scientific, Medical, and Environmental Communication prepares you to generate and transmit scientific knowledge, and ideas and opportunities that are derived from its application and from associated technologies.

Master's Degree in Public and Social Policy.
Law, Politics, and Public Management Area.
Directed by: Vicenç Navarro, Mònica Clua and the Steering Committee formed by V. Navarro, J. Benach, D. Steinwachs, M. Clua, K. Pollack and S. Sarasa.
The Master's Degree in Public and Social Policy, taught in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, provides the training and tools necessary to develop responses to current social needs. Through interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary training, the programme aims to train professionals capable of responding to social needs and solving all kinds of social problems.

Postgraduate Course in Total Supply Chain Management.
Business Administration and Management Area.
Directed by: Oriol Montanyà.
The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the importance of supply chains within the framework of business strategy, showing that a good part of the solidity of a business rests on the quality of the mechanisms that have to guarantee the supply of products or services, both under normal conditions and in exceptional situations.

Postgraduate in Management of Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR).
Business Administration and Management Area.
Directed by: Susana Domingo, Ester Oliveras, and Xavier Carbonell.
The main objective is to train professionals who can generate value in the business environment and in society, working for a global, sustainable, and inclusive economy.

Postgraduate in Management Development in Sustainable Business.
Business Administration and Management Area.
Directed by: Marcos Eguiguren Huerta, Mónica Pérez Clausen, Jaime Batlle Segura, and Francesc Mayné.
The Postgraduate in Management Development in Sustainable Business trains managers and executives of organizations whose responsibility is to generate value in the environment of the Green Transition, one of the central pillars of sustainability.

A new city model: Smart City.
Creativity and Technology Area.
Directed by: Carles Martín.
New technologies are producing radical changes in urban centres. We need to plan and design strategies that allow us to achieve more liveable and sustainable cities.

Sustainability Marketing.
Marketing and Branding Area.
Directed by: Josep Maria Galí.
Management incorporating a vision of economic, environmental, and social sustainability has become an obligation for all companies in order to be competitive.