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The Agbar Chair launches the first podcast series: “Horizonte ODS: más allá de un compromiso”

22 Febrero - 2023
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Toni Aira, director of the Agbar Chair, will meet with important social and business actors in order to analyse their commitment to the SDGs set in the 2030 Agenda

The Chair of International Studies in Institutional Communication for Development and Sustainable Growth promoted by UPF-BSM, together with Agbar, launches the first series of podcasts for the business school.

Toni Aira, director of the Chair and the Master in Political and Institutional Communication at UPF-BSM, will meet with important social, business and institutional actors with the aim of discussing and analysing, not only at the level of communication, how they realize their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in what is known as the 2030 Agenda.

These goals, the SDGs, pursue equality between people, protect the planet and ensure prosperity as part of a new sustainable development agenda. And, in line with the studies of the Agbar Chair, it aims to answer some questions of interest in this regard: How are the institutions, companies and social actors that can most influence the success of this global commitment bringing it about? Up to what point are they accepting the consequences or commitment of doing so?

These interviews aim to discover the opinions of experts, researchers and professionals of reference who situate us, episode by episode, in the different notable sectors.

The first chapter features Oriol Montanyà, Vice-Dean of Development and Partner Programs, Director of the Sustainability Observatory of UPF-BSM and Director of the Master's Degree in Supply Chain Management, Technology and Sustainability, who talks about large supply chains and how these value chains have been transformed during recent years after sustainability and digitalization came into play.

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