Online Master in Sports Management

Employment opportunities

Upon successful completion of the Online Master in Sports Management students will be able to pursue a professional career in the following professional fields:

  • Sports consultancy
  • Sports equipment industry
  • Sports facilities
  • Federations, leagues, clubs and associations
  • Public administration
  • Teaching
  • Management in sports services companies
  • Organization of sporting events

Our students' experience

Naiara Celades

Course 2011, face to face edition

Floor Manager of the Fitness Integral per a Dones

In recent years, sport has become a major social phenomenon that is growing increasingly important every day. The reality is that this is currently a sector that opens up many professional paths, and the world of sports management is a great option. This Master's provides the keys that are necessary to become a talented professional within this sector and to work successfully in what you enjoy. As one of our lecturers said: if you go as fast as they ask you to, you'll be good, but if you go twice as fast, you'll be the best!