External financial aid

A large number of external entities and institutions offer financial aid options to students who want to enrol on one of our master programs and postgraduate courses. If you want to apply for any of these financial aid options you will have to deal directly with the awarding entity. These options are compatible with any other program-specific aid option of your master program or postgraduate course but not with the Talent or the Partner Universities Scholarships.

Spanish Public Financial Aid for Official Master's Degrees

  • General scholarships of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport: The call is aimed at offering tuition aids and different concepts for students enrolled on post-compulsory study programmes.
    Recipients and grants:
    • These scholarships are available for official master's degree students. In this call are not included scholarships for the other master's degrees and postgraduate courses.
    • Grants: The total amount of the scholarship is the sum of the various grants to which the student is entitled, plus the corresponding tuition fees scholarship. The payment of this scholarship will be made once the call has been finalized.

    Requirements: The students must meet of requirements academics and financial established in the call for applications.

    • Tuition fee scholarship: Given that UPF Barcelona School of Management is a centre private that belongs to UPF, the enrolment scholarship is calculated according to the Spanish regulation on the "family and estate annual tax declaration" regarding the 2020-2021 study grants and scholarships (art. 10.2 Price Regulation by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government)).
    • Fixed amount towards the student's lodging over the academic year.
    • Fixed amount as income for the student.
    • Fixed amount linked to excellence in academic performance.
    • Variable amount calculated individually for each applicant who meets the requirements.
      Please also remember that if any exemptions apply to you (described below) in addition to this scholarship, you will need to forego one of these because it is not possible to receive both. To forego one of these, you should contact our Administration Department at admin@bsm.upf.edu.

    Scholarship application and documents: The entire procedure will be conducted online. The scholarship application form is available at the following Spanish Ministry of Education website. When you begin the application process, the form will tell you in which cases additional documents must be submitted to either AGAUR.
    The application deadline is 15 October
    The academic documents should be sent to the email address admin@bsm.upf.edu (transcript of all the academic years included in the programme qualifying the student to enrol on the master's degree programme, indicating the subjects completed, the number of credits and the marks received). You have until November 15 to send the academic documents.
    Check the result of your application: You will receive a response from AGAUR on the Procedures portal of the Generalitat de Catalunya. You must access from the section Status of my actions. You will find the instructions for identification in the section of the AGAUR website "Paso 2 - Recibir la respuesta de la Administración".

  • Exemptions: Provided that you fulfil the requirements set out in the Price Regulation by the Generalitat de Catalunya, you can benefit from the following exemptions:
    • Exemption for large families
    • Exemption for disability
    • Exemption for victims of terrorist attacks
    • Exemption for victims of gender-based violence

    When you apply for a public exemption, please remember that UPF Barcelona School of Management-Pompeu Fabra University is a centre that belongs to UPF. Given that it is a private centre, the enrolment scholarship is calculated in the following way: credit price (€31.42) x number of credits on the master x 50% or 100% (depending on your situation) x 33% (arts. 9 and ss. related to article 2.3 of the Price Regulation by the Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan government)). Please also remember that if you request an exemption in addition to the Spanish State Scholarship, and both are conceded, you will need to forego one of these because it is not possible to receive both. To forego one of these, you should contact our Administration Department at admin@bsm.upf.edu.

  • Basque Country Scholarships: The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport allocates part of the Basque Country's budget to educational scholarships. These scholarships are aimed at Basque students who wish to carry out postgraduate study in any of the Autonomous Regions.

External Financial Aid

  • MAEC-AECID Scholarships: Scholarships for Spanish and foreign citizens who wish to study in Spain (and abroad).
  • Fulbright Scholarships: The Fulbright Program is a competitive program of grants for students, which is aimed at encouraging the exchange of American graduate students with those of other countries involved in the program for the purposes of research, study or teaching.
  • UNESCO Scholarships: Short stays in other countries to allow postgraduate students to specialize.
  • "la Caixa" Social Foundation: Grants for official master degree studies in Spain.
  • Portal Ploteus: EU grants for non-EU citizens to study in Europe.
  • Portal Universia: Spanish and Latin American portal for information on grants.
  • Santander Scholarships: Over 30.000 scholarships, study grants and internships for students coming from Germany, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, the UK and Uruguay.
  • Erasmus+ Master's Degree Loan

Financial Aid by Country