Teaching staff that excel in training and research

Academics from UPF-BSM and UPF, managers, and professionals from industry form a leading team in training, research, and scientific production on an international scale.

We combine experience and knowledge

The academic team is made up of our own teachers, leaders in training with wide experience and innovative methodologies. Recognized in the academic world with numerous awards that guarantee their quality.

In addition, there are professionals from the business world: CEOs of multinationals, managers from different sectors, experts in all kinds of organizations, and public figures, among others.

Together, they will transmit the essential knowledge and passion you need to develop your professional future and transform the society of tomorrow.

Faculty and research
Faculty and research

We link research to real challenges affecting organizations

We intend the research and scientific production that we generate at UPF Barcelona School of Management to be disseminated. Our goal is to generate useful knowledge for companies, organizations, and institutions, for the professionals who run them, and for society in general.

For this reason, at UPF-BSM we have a policy of hiring, motivating, and guiding teachers towards applied research, encouraging synergies between researchers and other agents, and promoting the attraction of financial resources and the creation of international academic chairs.