Online Postgraduate Course in Financial Management

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

1. Stock and financial markets • Technical and fundamental analysis of real trading operations in financial markets. • Review of the literature regarding models of analysis for financial markets and stock market investments. 2. Advanced capital management • Study of best practice in asset management (cash pooling, centres of excellence, etc.) • The current state of academic research and business practices relating to cash and credit management. 3. Fiscal elements of finance • Optimizing a company's fiscal situation by planning and managing the relevant taxes. • Aspects of organizational tax. 4. Evaluation of investments • The relationships between investment policies and company financing. • Alternatives to overcome the weaknesses of different methods. • Choosing the most appropriate investment evaluation methods, taking qualitative, fiscal and organizational aspects into account to optimize financing and investment decisions. • Best investment evaluation practice in fast-growing businesses and specific sectors. • Project finance. 5. Business analysis II • The latest trends in qualitative business analysis. • The current state of academic research and business practice relating to business analysis and account consolidation analysis. • Developing predictive models based on ratios (insolvency prediction techniques) • Designing credit scoring and rating models • Analysis of specific sectors • Analysis of fast-growing businesses, long-standing businesses, failed businesses and other relevant companies. 6. Financial system • The relationships between financing policies and financial instruments. • Analysis of the impact on the macroeconomic environment and the behaviour of the participating agents in the financial-economic situation of a business. • Review of the latest professional trends and literature related to the financial system.


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Final Degree

Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.