Online Postgraduate Course in Usability, UX and Interaction Design


The course is 100% online and is composed of four subjects, each with between 10 to 20 units. Each unit contains:

  1. The lesson. This document of around 10 pages is written by a teacher and will be either theoretical, practical (a tutorial) or an interview with a renowned professional. Along with the written content there will be a video of the teacher.
  2. An activity.
  3. A multiple-choice test, which students correct themselves.
  4. A forum for debate.

In order to attain the postgraduate diploma students must complete a final project.

The course has 30 ECTS credits, which represent around 700 hours of study. Each subject requires 28 hours reading time (7 hours a week) to which additional study time must be added as necessary.

More information is available at (in Spanish).


UPF Barcelona School of Management’s online masters, postgraduate programs and short courses are aimed at professionals who prefer to work 100% online, without attending face-to-face in-classroom sessions. This type of learning requires the active participation of the student through a wide variety of online resources (documents, bibliography, 2.0 tools, videos, interactive applications, etc.) that enable learning, practical work and the acquisition of new key competences.