Online Master in UX: Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience

The Master in Usability is unique and multidisciplinary: it will not only train you in how to improve interfaces to make them more intuitive, user-centred and with a more fluid interaction improving the user experience, but it will also prepare you to have knowledge in SEO and SEM and take your company's web and its online marketing strategy to a higher level.

  • Usability
  • User Design
  • UX
Next edition
Classes start
18 November, 2021
Program ends
06 July, 2022 (To be confirmed)
ECTS credits
6500 €

The objective of the Online Master in UX is to make the student plan and execute, through a transversal vision of digital marketing using HTML language, CSS templates, analysis of web structure, and mobile technology the development of your company's website so that it offers a unique user experience (UX) to its customers.

This program trains marketing professionals in the design and evaluation of interfaces from the point of view of user-centred design, considering information architecture, usability, and accessibility, as well as UX project management in the business. The Online Master's in UX will prepare you to face the growth in the digital sector by learning to control, measure, and optimize your website and turn each visit and user experience into a business opportunity for your company.

Together with active professionals in the sector, you will be trained in the use of functional prototyping tools to be able to propose and develop the information architecture of an interactive system, in addition to creating them with web technologies and mobile technologies, thereby developing high-level prototypes.

Why choose this program


Transversal application

You will learn everything that is involved in designing in order to generate better user experiences: usability, interaction design, accessibility, information architecture, evaluation techniques and methods, and work processes in UX teams. But, in addition, you will acquire knowledge about aspects related to web technologies and their languages, getting to optimize websites for search engines, SEO, the presence in social networks, and their management.


Specialization webinars

Every week of the master you will have live webinars by active professionals from companies in the sector who will explain the new trends in UX design.


Experts in the classroom

Due to its high degree of personalization and individualization, throughout the master's degree, professors and expert tutors in UX design, UX research, and digital marketing will respond to any type of queries from students related to the content of the master's program.


Digital lab

In order to obtain quality projects, the program has a set of applications to create concept maps, drop-down menus, and personalized local search engines. Students carry out teacher-led practices to improve the UX design of their web sites or projects.

Who is it for?

The Online Master in Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience is aimed at graduates from any field, especially those with training in library science, audiovisual communication, public relations, journalism, psychology, and IT, among others. It is also intended for professionals who want to expand their business online, as well as product managers and website owners. It is ideal for researchers in human-technology interaction.

Admission and enrolment


his is an official master and has the academic recognition of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain. The Quality Agency of the University System of Catalonia (AQU Catalunya) has institutionally accredited the UPF-BSM. This accreditation certifies all the official university master's degrees that we teach and recognizes the quality of our educational model in accordance with the criteria of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).



The program is structured in 2 main modules and the module of the Master's Final Project. The subjects are organized so that you start from basic web technology to the creation of interfaces according to each user and their analysis.

The undertaking of external internships may substitute one of the two optional subjects. You will be able to propose in which centre you want to carry out the internship, and we will evaluate its suitability. If you accredit an experience of at least two years in the field of the master, you may be exempt from taking the credits corresponding to external internships.

About elective subjects:

 Elective courses will be carried out in case of reaching a minimum number of enrolled students. The final offer for each academic year may be adapted depending on the academic planning.

Master's Final Project

Master's Final Project

Complementary activities

BSM Inside is a transversal and interdisciplinary module, common to all master's and postgraduate degrees at UPF Barcelona School of Management, which has been conceived to work on a set of key competencies for professional development in conjunction with the real needs of today's organizations.

This module extends throughout the academic year and is made up of 3 areas of knowledge that constitute the identity traits of the UPF-BSM: Communication; Entrepreneurship and Innovation; and Planetary Well-being and Humanities.

All the subjects of the BSM Inside module are 100% online and have been designed as self-learning subjects: from the first day of the subject until the end of the term you will have all the teaching materials available on the eCampus and you can work with the material and the different activities that it contains at your own pace, according to your availability and in a self-organized way.

Qualification obtained

Once students have completed the course they will obtain the Máster Universitario en Información Digital. Especialidad en Usabilidad, diseño de interacción y experiencia de usuario official Master Degree, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.

Issuance of official Master's Degrees: The amount stipulated in the DOGC (Official Gazette of the Government of Catalonia) must be paid for the rights to issue the title. This rate varies annually and the rate in force at the time of application for the degree will be applied.


The teaching staff of the Online Master in UX is made up of more than 40 active professionals from the digital marketing, UX design, or UX research sector with long experience in SEO and SEM, web design, and user experience.

Academic directors

Cristòfol Rovira Fontanals

Associate Professor UPF

Lluís Codina Bonilla

Associate Professor UPF


Carlos Lopezosa García

Academic coordinator of the Online Master in UX and Online Master in Search Engines.

  • Adrián Fernández, User Researcher in Sophtonic
  • Alejandro L pez, PGRMT
  • Antonio Rodr guez, Everis
  • Fidalgo Armor, Freelance Consultor
  • Carlos Gonzalo, Independent Consultor
  • Carlos Jimenez, UX deminer
  • Carlos Lopezosa, Independent Consultor
  • Carlos Scolari, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Cristina Muriel Gairnn, Independent Consultor
  • Christopher Rovira, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Daniel Armengol, Professional Freelance
  • Daniel Pinillos, Independent Consultor
  • Daniel Torres Burriel, Torresburriel Studio
  • David Maniega, CTO of ICALia
  • Eduardo Fernández, Consultor in Marketing Digital
  • Emmanuelle Gutiérrez, Sidar-Access Universal Foundation
  • Eva Moya, Freelance Web Reactor
  • Fernando Gavarr n, Metrilica
  • Fernando Maci , Human Level Communications
  • Frederic Guerrero, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Gabriela Prado, Wayra (Telefnicanica)
  • Ignacio Pastor, UX Engineer in SAGE
  • Jaume Batlle, Independent Consultor
  • Javier D arrives, UserZoom
  • Javier D az-Noc , Pompeu Fabra University
  • Javier Leiva, Freelance Consultor
  • Javier Usobiaga, Web Designer
  • Jesus Bustamante, Information Architect in HeyZeus
  • Jordi Serrano, Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Jorge Barahona, CEO of AyerViernes
  • Jorge González, Adrenalina
  • José Facchin, Marketing Digital Consultant
  • José Luis González Sánchez, University of Granada
  • Juan Merodio, Group Elles
  • Julio Loayza, Professional freelance
  • Julián Marquina-Arenas, Baratz
  • Laura Garcia-Barri, Uber
  • Llu s Codina, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Luis Quintanilla, La Salle Victoria University
  • Manuela Battaglini, Repavar and Protextreme
  • Miquel Mark , User Engagement
  • Marc Segarra, Creativity * Co-creation Manager
  • Mario Pérez-Montoro, Professor of the University of Barcelona
  • Mireia Ribera, Professor of the University of Barcelona
  • MJ Cachon, SISTRIX
  • Olga Carreras, Freelance Consultor
  • Oriol Ibars and Alex Castellote, undefined
  • Patricia Russo, Official College of Library and Documentaries of Catalonia
  • Pere Freixa, Pompeu Fabra University
  • Ricardo Pozzobon, University of the Andes
  • Ricardo Balart, Search Engine Marketing Specialist
  • Rosa Gil, Professor at the University of Lleida
  • Rubén Alcaraz, Ateneu Barcelononèss
  • Rubén Llames, Consultor
  • Sebastián Ossés, Continuum Peru
  • Sergio Sánchez Mancha, Gindo
  • Sonia Ortiz, BuscosEO
  • Thomas Modrooo, undefined
  • Toni González Pacanowski, Inline Prestigia
  • Toni Granollers, Professor of the University of Lleida
  • Xavier Castellnou, Marketing Digital Marketing Director and Commercial in Coptering


At UPF Barcelona School of Management we are committed to a flexible and dynamic online model, whose objective is to place you as a participant at the centre of the process and to be the owner of the development of your learning.

To facilitate the day-to-day management and the achievement of academic goals, you will have 24/7 access to the virtual environment so that you can organize your study without schedules and at your own pace.

As such, you will acquire knowledge, and instrumental and aptitude skills while combining training with your work and personal life, making the most of the time you have for it.


Interactive teaching materials

Various materials and formats will make your experience more motivating: videos, case studies, content maps and downloadable resources. Designed and updated periodically by professionals and experts in the field, they put at your disposal the latest knowledge, skills, and tools to take your career to the next level.


Active and collaborative learning

Participation and discussion with your classmates and teachers are essential to the collaborative learning process. We will provide you with various tools such as the Discussion Forum, where you can propose new topics for debate, comment on and answer questions presented by the teacher or respond to interesting comments.


Streaming sessions with experts

Through videoconference sessions with the expert teacher or special guests, you will be able to ask questions, discuss your learning and connect in real time as if you were all in the same place. To ensure the flexibility of the training, we record the sessions so that you can refer to them if you have not been able to connect.


Personalized support

You will have the support of an expert tutor who will guide you through each module and teaching unit; the help of the coordinator and the program manager in the delivery of activities, grades, management of procedures or access to services; and the career advisor's guidance in enhancing your personal brand and seeking career opportunities.



You will have the support of an expert tutor who will guide you through each module and teaching unit; the help of the coordinator and the program manager in the delivery of activities, grades, management of procedures or access to services; and the career advisor's guidance in enhancing your personal brand and seeking career opportunities.


The activities and the evaluation dates for each of the subjects of the program will be detailed at their beginning.

The evaluation tests of the Master's in UX will be established and corrected under the quality criteria required in all UPF Barcelona School of Management programs, which guarantee their academic value and recognition.

The evaluation of the program will be carried out online on the basis of:

  •  Resolution of practical cases oriented to business reality
  •  Knowledge tests for each subject
  •  Proactive participation in forums and debates
  •  Realization and presentation of a final project


  • Google Search Console Tools
  • Google Drive
  • Tom's Planner
  • Gliffy
  • MockFlow
  • Figma
  • Marvel
  • Pop
  • Miro
  • Notion
  • ClickUp
  • Venngage

Professional Future

The Online Master in UX will allow you to approach projects based on the analysis of needs and obtaining important information from clients to develop impactful and user-centred web designs.

Student profile

The master's degree is made up of university graduates preferably in the field of Journalism, Audiovisual Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, and Library Science and Documentation with professional experience in the area of marketing or graphic design who want to specialize in design of interfaces.


Beyond UX, the course will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the issues involved in planning, UX design, development, execution, and evaluation of interactive digital products.



Average age


Number of years of professional experience


International students

Career opportunities

The Online Master's in UX will offer you advanced knowledge in web design and user experience through a practical approach under the guidance of a large staff of professors connected to the professional world and companies.

The completion of external internships may replace one of the two electives. The centres to carry out the practices are proposed by the students, and the school evaluates their suitability. Participants who have and accredit an experience of at least two years in the field of the master may be exempt from taking the credits corresponding to external internships.

  • Digital Marketing Department of any multinational company to improve its web structure and SEO positioning
  • Usability Consultant for external companies that want to improve their interfaces
  • Director of Digital Marketing in start-ups
  • Interface designer for users in companies of all kinds
  • Expert analyst in SEO and SEM

Admission and enrolment

Our admission process consists of a rigorous evaluation of each application to preserve the quality of the group as well as the training, experience, and work capacity of all students.

Who can apply?

University graduates.

Those participants who do not have Spanish as one of their mother tongues or who did not have it as a teaching language in their training studies, must prove that they have at least a B2 level of Spanish (Common European Framework of Reference), as well as fluently take part in a personal interview with the academic director, if necessary.

How to apply?

To apply for admission to this program, students must read and accept the Terms and Conditions of Contract once they start the application for admission through its form.

Application for admission

Complete your application within the next admission rounds:

RoundApplication deadlineAdmission resolution

Applications for admission will be evaluated when you complete the following steps:

  • Complete the online admission form.
  • Pay the €120 admission fee. This amount will be returned if you are not admitted.
  • Send the following documents through the online platform e-registrar:
    • Presentation letter or video
    • CV
    • Scanned copy of university degree (if you are in the last year of your degree, you can provide your academic records)
    • Scanned copy of Transcript of Records. Make sure that it includes your GPA (Grade Point Average)
    • Scanned copy of ID Card or Passport
    • Passport-size photo (jpg format)

Additional documents may be requested in certain cases.
Applications are subject to the number of places available on the program.


  • The Admissions Committee will select the candidates on the basis of a personal or CV-based interview.
  • You will be notified of the admission decision in writing.


  • Resgistration must be paid within a 15 days after the admission.
  • Once the letter of acceptance to the program has been received, you will need to submit the following original documents before the course begins:
    • Stamped and/or authenticated photocopy of your university degree.
    • Stamped and/or authenticated photocopy of your transcript of records.
  • If you have a foreign degree you may need to submit additional documents.
  • Paying the reservation fee (25% of the program's tuition fees) is essential in order to reserve your place
  • If you pay the tuition fees by bank transfer you will be required to introduce the program code. The program code for this course is 1549.
  • The remaining tuition fees must be paid 2 weeks before the start of the course.

Grants, scholarships and financing


The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you different means of financing so that you can take any of our programs without worry. We offer you the opportunity to finance part of your program, either by rewarding your talent through scholarships, through grants from entities dedicated to promoting education or through collaboration agreements with financial entities.

Grants and discounts


Financing simulator

You can choose how to finance your studies by consulting our simulator and receive an answer in less than 24 hours.

Go to the simulator

Collaborating entities

In addition, UPF Barcelona School of Management collaborates with various banks and financial entities which provide study loans on favorable terms. For more information you can contact any of the following links (in Spanish).

Note, however, that in order to benefit from these special conditions you must have a NIE if you are not a European Citizen. Therefore, UPF Barcelona School of Management strongly recommends international students to seek first for students loans at bank entities of their country of origin, or to search for funding opportunities through international entities.

The Agency for Management of University and Research Grants of Catalonia (AGAUR, in Spanish) also offers loans to university students with legal residence in Catalonia through the PREPOST program.

Application for admission
You are applying for admission to the program:
Official Master's Degree in Digital Information. Specialization in Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience
Modality: Distancia
Language: Spanish
Price: 6500
Admission fee: 120
We will deduct this amount from the total registration fee if your application is accepted. If your application is rejected, we will reimburse you.

Online Master in UX: Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience