Online Master in Accounting and Financial Management (specialization in Controlling)


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13 January 2021
End of program:
12 July 2022
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The Online Master in Accounting and Financial Management (specialization in Controlling) at UPF Barcelona School of Management (in Spanish) will train you as an expert professional in finance and accounting and equip you with the techniques of internal control: establishing and implementing company strategy in business operations such as analytical accounting, advanced financial planning and sectoral analysis.

While studying the Online Master in Accounting and Financial Management (specialization in Controlling) you will acquire indispensable knowledge on how to align the financial strategy of any organization with the evolution of the economic and financial environment. You will become familiar with the most up-to-date techniques in client management, asset management, and long-term financial management, and become familiar with the tools and processes derived from information systems. You will also learn management techniques and skills for leading working teams in finance and accounting departments.

Aimed at university graduates from business administration and management, economics or business studies, or professionals from other disciplines with knowledge or professional experience in finance and accounting, the Online Master in Accounting and Financial Management (specialization in Controlling) boasts an eminent teaching staff made up of lecturers from the Department of Economics and Business at Pompeu Fabra University and professionals working in leading businesses.

With the Online Master in Accounting and Financial Management you can also specialize in Corporate Finance and International Finance and Accounting.

In addition, this program is recognized by Eduniversal Best Masters 2019 as the 3rd best master degree in the area of Accounting and Auditing, reaching the 50th position in Europe.

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Why this program?

  1. Because 100% of students from its last three editions would recommend this program.
  2. Because it has a first rate academic board and teaching staff, made up of lecturers from Pompeu Fabra University's Economics Department and professionals working in the main companies in the sector.
  3. For the dual focus of its content: the academic lecturers will teach you about their latest research in auditing, accounting, internal control and finance, while the professional lecturers will show you how to apply this knowledge to the day-to-day reality of business today.
  4. Because it gives you accelerated access to the CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) and ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) accreditation, two of the most internationally recognized institutions for the accreditation of professionals in management, financial accounting and management accounting.
  5. Because its contents mean that once you finish the master you will be prepared to take the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam. 2 scholarships for the CFA exam will be available for each class.
  6. Because the Master in its online modality has obtained the EFMD's EOCCS certification in five of its subjects, a quality-driven international certification system that endorses the excellence of online education.

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  • To learn how to manage a financial or accounts department.
  • To learn how to design, use and monitor the accounting management tools needed to carry out the strategic aims of the company.
  • To learn how to apply systems of financial planning, analytical accounting and budget and management control.
  • To learn how to relate the evolution of the economic and financial setting to a company's financial strategies.
  • To become familiar with long-term management techniques for clients, cash and financial management.
  • To learn the necessary elements for optimum decision-making regarding investments and financing.
  • To learn how to successfully develop a company's tax plan.
  • To learn the managerial skills needed to lead work teams.

Who is it for?

The Online Master in Accounting and Financial Management (specialization in Controlling) is aimed at new professionals who would like to direct their careers towards accounting or finance departments, and also those who would like to improve their future career opportunities. Those taking part in this Master's are university graduates and professionals already working in accounting and finance departments.

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