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Master in Publishing reaches its 25th anniversary fully integrated in the international publishing industry

28 Octubre - 2021

"We've done something right that I think we can be satisfied with. We are celebrating 25 years of bridging the gap between emerging talent and a city with great capital". This was stated by Javier Aparicio Maydeu, creator and director of Master in Publishing of UPF Barcelona School of Management during the celebration of its 25th anniversary. 

The program reaches its first quarter of a century after having promoted more than 50 companies in the book sector and having trained many professionals in the Spanish and Catalan publishing sector, as well as numerous professionals from Europe and around the world. 

Master in Publishing reaches its 25th anniversary after having promoted more than 50 companies

To commemorate its anniversary, the master has organized an institutional event hosted by Carlota Torrents, alumni and Deputy Director of the master degree, at UPF-BSM headquarters which has been attended by the Pompeu Fabra University Rector, Oriol Amat, as well as Dolors Oller, writer and book critic and co-director of the program in its first editions; Montse García, program manager; and its creator and director, Javier Aparicio Maydeu. "It was a pioneering program and now it is already a benchmark", celebrated Rector Amat. 

"I am one of those who believe that books are fundamental in people's live, in the creation of the imaginary. It makes you capable of living other lives you wouldn't live", reflexted Oller. The event was also attended by students, alumni, faculty and book professionals who have accompanied and supported the Master throughout these 25 years. 

The program has trained many professionals in the Spanish and Catalan publishing sector and has a labor market insertion rate of more than 75%

"Everything evolves and the generations of students change. We have had to adapt to new formats and new dynamics in class", Garcia said. Since its launch, the program has closely followed innovation and trends and so it has been reflected in the constant updating of the training program and rotation of leading working professionals.

Master in Publishin is also recognized by main institutions within the sector, such as Gremi d'Editors de Catalunya or CEDRO, and has the endorsement of prestigious international companies such as Grupo Planeta, Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, Google, Anagrama, RBA, Canon o Nielsen, among others. 

Prestigious Faculty & Partners

"We try to rediscover, share and transfer the emotion of reading that first book", said Torrents, on behalf of faculty. International vocation of the program means that its most distinguished professors include Jorge Herralde, Peter Mayer, André Schiffrin, Liz Calder, Andrew Wylie, Carlo Feltrinelli, Barbara Epler or Antoine Gallimard.

Master has the confidence of CEDRO, which awards distinctions to the best projects of each graduating class, and of Penguin Random House Grupo Editorial, which grants the Claudio López de Lamadrid International Scholarships, in tribute to one of the great international references in Spanish-language publishing. 

Among its most distinguished professors, Jorge Herralde, Peter Mayer, André Schiffrin, Liz Calder o Antoine Gallimard, are included

After 25 years, Master in Publishing has consolidated its position as a national and international benchmark thanks to the agreements in force with major publishing companies, the link with high-level events such as Guadalajara Book Fair (Mexico) or Frankfurt Book Fair, and the organization of international meetings such as Forum Edita. But, above all, it has also consolidated its position as a benchmark for the professional careers of its students. 

25 anys MEDI
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