Impact, encourage, and lead change

Impact, encourage, and lead change

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The boost you need to innovate, add value, and transform society.

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The management school for those who will change the world

At UPF Barcelona School of Management we give impetus to the leaders who will transform the society of tomorrow. Based in Barcelona, one of the most innovative and creative cities of the moment, we are committed to culture and planetary well-being. 

With social impact

A management school aimed at improving the well-being of humanity and the planet through social transformation.

The no. 1 Spanish university

The proof is in; we are the no. 1 Spanish university according to the THE ranking and the tenth university in the world under 50 years old.

Experts in knowledge

The academic team is made up of researchers, teachers, and professionals from leading companies in the market. Learn from the best.

A complete experience

Prepare yourself for a learning experience that will change your life. Academic rigour, connection to the professional reality and a high level of personalization will shape you into the professional you want to be.

In addition, your education will be nourished not only by researchers, professors and professionals: collaborative learning, group projects and the exchange of ideas will enrich you with the experience of your classmates, all graduates, from different backgrounds and with diverse professional experience. And you will also benefit from our innovative Talent Up program, a personal professional development program designed to help you enter the job market.

25,000 alumni are already transforming the future

Thousands of professionals already form a community ready to transform organizations and society. An immense network of talent spread throughout the world that fosters networking and the generation of opportunities.

In addition, through the Alumni network you will be able to continue contributing as a professional and maintain your continuous training. You can also attend activities and meet-ups to connect with more than 25,000 former students who are still linked to UPF-BSM.