As far as you want to go

As far as you want to go

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Your future begins here, a future you will build from a solid foundation of knowledge and personal and professional relationships. A future to grow, create value and assume leadership in your field. Welcome to the UPF Barcelona School of Management.


Your future begins in Barcelona

Welcome to an innovative and creative city, a hive for entrepreneurs and start-ups. A welcoming and modern city that has become a model of Mediterranean culture throughout the world.

Respond to a changing world

If you want to create individual, corporate and social value, you share our vision of management, a perspective that seeks to respond to the questions of today that affect people and organizations. Study to spearhead change. 

Learn at the best university

We are part of Pompeu Fabra University, recognised by THE university rankings as number 1 in Spain and number 5 in Europe among universities established within the last 50 years. The UPF-BSM is also one of the few Spanish management schools with the AMBA accreditation.

With the best academics

An academic team made up of researchers, professors and professionals from leading companies will be responsible for your education, so that you gain knowledge, tools and experiences that help you to grow as a professional and as a person. See who they are.

A complete experience

Prepare yourself for a learning experience that will change your life. Academic rigour, connection to the professional reality and a high level of personalization will shape you into the professional you want to be.

In addition, your education will be nourished not only by researchers, professors and professionals: collaborative learning, group projects and the exchange of ideas will enrich you with the experience of your classmates, all graduates, from different backgrounds and with diverse professional experience. And you will also benefit from our innovative Talent Up program, a personal professional development program designed to help you enter the job market.

Alumni Community: there is 25,000 of us

Thousands of professionals make up a community ready to transform organizations and society, committed to innovation, culture and global well-being. An immense network of talent spread all over the world that fosters links and the generation of opportunities.

Plus, through the Alumni Community, you will be able to continue to collaborate as a professional, benefiting from lifelong learning to stay up to date and develop new skills. You will also be able to attend activities and meetings to forge personal and professional relationships among the more than 25,000 former students who are still attached to the UPF-BSM.