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Master in Digital Marketing: Search Engines (SEO and SEM) and Usability (UX and UI)

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Master in Digital Marketing: Search Engines (SEO and SEM) and Usability (UX and UI)

UPF-BSMMastersMaster in Digital Marketing: Search Engines (SEO and SEM) and Usability (UX and UI)

The UPF Barcelona School of Management's Master in Digital Marketing, a program designed for an international audience, enables you to achieve the digital visibility demanded by companies. The program equips you with the necessary skills to interpret consumer behaviors, identify market opportunities, and optimize campaigns to maximize their performance. You will have the opportunity to specialize in Digital Visibility (SEO/SEM) or Digital Experiences (UX/UI).

Next edition
Classes start: November 2024
Duration12 months
ECTS credits60
Price8000 €

In a rapidly changing digital environment, the job market demands versatile and specialized professionals capable of combining technical knowledge (analytics, tools, and optimization) with a strategic vision to execute successful projects. Our program will prepare you to stand out in this ecosystem, with a comprehensive approach based on a combination of practical experiences and theoretical knowledge.

In one Master's program, you can specialize in the two most highly demanded branches of the industry: Creating Digital Experiences (UX/UI) and Digital Visibility (SEO/SEM).

Why choose this program



All program content is practical, allowing you to apply it to real projects. You will also learn specialized tools for each area of digital marketing.


Exclusive Extra Content

You will have access to exclusive content related to the industry. Every week, you will have live workshops with professionals currently working in the field who will provide first-hand insights into the trends and latest developments in the digital sector.


Experts in the Classroom

With its high degree of customization and personalization, throughout the Master's program, digital marketing experts and tutors will respond to any queries related to the program's content.


Specialized in High-Demand Areas

The program not only features up-to-date content but also offers two pathways for students to specialize in high-demand positions: digital visibility and creating digital experiences.


Networking and Opportunities Network

By joining our program, you'll have the chance to connect with a broad network of media and professionals in the field of digital marketing and establish valuable contacts that can propel your career and open up new job opportunities in companies. Additionally, upon completing the program, you'll become part of the Alumni Network, where you can continue participating in professional activities and events.


Access to Cutting-Edge Resources and Tools

As an online marketing student, you'll have access to a wide range of cutting-edge resources, data, and tools to enrich your learning. You'll be able to explore and experiment with advanced concepts in digital marketing (data analysis, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, social networks...) preparing you to tackle current professional challenges.


The University Master in Digital Marketing offers you the opportunity to pursue one of the available specializations by choosing a series of specific elective subjects.

  • Digital Visibility (SEO/SEM)

    With this specialization, you will unravel the intricacies of the digital realm and become an expert in the functioning of search engines like Google, understanding the best practices for optimal content positioning.

    You will gain an in-depth understanding of the latest techniques of digital marketing, organic and paid search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and web analytics. Taught by professionals from multinational companies and consulting firms, you will immerse yourself in a practical approach, learning to use analysis tools, design pay-per-click programs, and ensure effective content positioning.

    The Master’s Thesis will involve creating a comprehensive web project, including organic and paid positioning and the creation of social profiles. With regular presentations, the Master's Thesis will allow you to apply everything you have learned in class.

    In the current era, digital visibility is key to the success of any project. Become a highly sought-after expert!

  • Digital Experiences (UX/UI)

    This specialization is designed to take you beyond improving an interface. You will reach the point at which business and user go hand in hand. You will learn to design with a user-centric vision and gain a highly sought-after web development perspective.

    On completion of the program, you will be able to plan and execute the development of a website (accessible from desktop, tablet, and mobile) offering a unique user experience. From the user-centered design to UX project management, you will discover every crucial aspect in building unique digital experiences. You will also have access to a digital laboratory with applications for creating concept maps, dropdown menus, and custom search engines. All this is aimed at updating your portfolio with quality projects from the first day of the course.

    Industry experts will guide you in developing functional prototypes, enabling you to develop information architecture in interactive systems. Turn every visit into an experience!

Who is it for?

The program is primarily aimed at graduates in Advertising and Public Relations or other degrees in Social Sciences or Engineering who want to specialize in digital marketing from a practical perspective. It is also designed for other professionals who wish to digitize a business or update their knowledge in this field.


The UPF Barcelona School of Management is the management school of Pompeu Fabra University, the 1st Ibero-American University, and the 16th University in the world, among those with less than 50 years of history, according to the Times Higher Education ranking.

The UPF Barcelona School of Management holds the EQUIS accreditation, the most prestigious institutional recognition for business schools globally, placing it in the elite of business schools.

The Master in Digital Marketing: Search Engines (SEO and SEM) and Usability (UX and UI) is an official master's degree and has the academic recognition of the Ministry of Education of the Government of Spain. The Agency for the Quality of the Catalan University System (AQU) has also institutionally accredited UPF-BSM. This accreditation certifies all the official university master's degrees we offer and recognizes the quality of our educational model according to the criteria of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).

In 2023, UPF-BSM received Level 4 in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR), an international classification led by the opinion of the students themselves about the sustainability commitment of the world's leading business schools, recognizing UPF-BSM as a "transformative school".



The program consists of a cross-sectional module and one specific to each specialization. Additionally, you will be able to choose elective subjects and will have a module dedicated to the Master's Final Project.

Completing external internships can replace one of the two elective subjects. You can propose where you would like to do the internships, and we will assess their suitability. If you can demonstrate a minimum of two years of experience in the field of the master's degree, you may be exempt from completing the credits corresponding to the external internships.

Core subjects
Digital Experiences specialization
Digital Visibility specialization
Elective subjects
Note on the Curriculum

Complementary activities

The Master in Digital Marketing also includes the possibility of participating in practical activities and activities for personal and professional growth such as:

  • UPF-BSM Inside: is a group of interdisciplinary subjects (applied data, communication, creativity, innovation and project management, sustainability and leadership among others) that, if you take this program, you can access at no additional cost. They are 100% online and you can take them throughout the academic year at your own pace, as they have been designed as self-study subjects.

Qualification obtained

Once the program has been completed, students will be awarded the Màster Universitari en Informació Digital - Máster Universitario en Información Digital, issued by the Pompeu Fabra University.

Official Master's Degree: The amount stipulated in the DOGC (Official Gazette of the Generalitat de Catalunya) must be paid for the rights to issue the degree certificate. This fee varies annually and the amount in force at the time of requesting the degree certificate will be applied.


The faculty of the online University Master's Degree in Digital Marketing consists of expert teachers and researchers in the field, complemented by active professionals in the digital marketing sector.

Academic directors

Collaborating faculty

  • David Maniega
  • Eduardo Fernández
  • Lluís Codina
  • Carlos Gonzalo
  • Carlos Lopezosa
  • Javier Guallar
  • Luis Quintanilla
  • Magali Benitez
  • Pau Giner
  • Julio Loayza
  • Marc Miquel
  • Carles Sababre


At UPF Barcelona School of Management we are committed to a flexible and dynamic online model, whose objective is to place you as a participant at the centre of the process and to be the owner of the development of your learning.

To facilitate the day-to-day management and the achievement of academic goals, you will have 24/7 access to the virtual environment so that you can organize your study without schedules and at your own pace.

As such, you will acquire knowledge, and instrumental and aptitude skills while combining training with your work and personal life, making the most of the time you have for it.


Interactive teaching materials

Various materials and formats will make your experience more motivating: videos, case studies, content maps and downloadable resources. Designed and updated periodically by professionals and experts in the field, they put at your disposal the latest knowledge, skills, and tools to take your career to the next level.


Active and collaborative learning

Participation and discussion with your classmates and teachers are essential to the collaborative learning process. We will provide you with various tools such as the Discussion Forum, where you can propose new topics for debate, comment on and answer questions presented by the teacher or respond to interesting comments.


Streaming sessions with experts

Through videoconference sessions with the expert teacher or special guests, you will be able to ask questions, discuss your learning and connect in real time as if you were all in the same place. To ensure the flexibility of the training, we record the sessions so that you can refer to them if you have not been able to connect.


Personalized support

You will have the support of an expert tutor who will guide you through each module and teaching unit; the help of the coordinator and the program manager in the delivery of activities, grades, management of procedures or access to services; and the career advisor's guidance in enhancing your personal brand and seeking career opportunities.



You will have the support of an expert tutor who will guide you through each module and teaching unit; the help of the coordinator and the program manager in the delivery of activities, grades, management of procedures or access to services; and the career advisor's guidance in enhancing your personal brand and seeking career opportunities.


Flexibilidad y conveniencia

Al tratarse de un máster en modalidad online, el programa te brinda los medios y la flexibilidad para estudiar desde cualquier lugar y en cualquier momento. Puedes completar las actividades a tu propio ritmo, lo que te permite equilibrar tus estudios con otras responsabilidades.



The evaluative tests of the program will be established and corrected according to the quality criteria required in all programs of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, ensuring their academic value and recognition.

The program evaluation will be conducted online based on:

  • Resolution of practical cases oriented to business reality
  • Knowledge tests for each subject
  • Proactive participation in forums and debates
  • Completion and presentation of a final project
  • Group work with discussion and consensual resolution
  • Attendance to webinars synchronously or asynchronously


The learning process is characterized by its flexibility, since, in the virtual learning environment, the structure of the school calendar and the diversity of multimedia resources which are made available to the student allows them to acquire knowledge in a self-regulated manner.

The support of the teaching staff and interaction with classmates is carried out by making use of a wide variety of communication channels that facilitate proximity and didactic dialogue. 


Professional Future

The Master's program brings together professionals from around the world thanks to its online methodology, mainly from the marketing and communication field, but also open to experts in other areas. After completing the Master, participants will have a comprehensive view of digital marketing and the strategy to follow in this environment. The Digital Visibility specialization encompasses the main qualities of a program in search engines and web content, while the Digital Experience specialization will enable you to approach web development to create impactful and user-centered designs.

Student profile

The Master is designed for university graduates, mainly from the fields of Communication, Advertising, Design, and Computer Engineering. Our students have professional experience in the field of marketing and communication and want to specialize in high-demand technical areas.


Edad media


Años de experiencia profesional


Estudiantes Internacionales

Career opportunities

Participants have the full support of our Career Department and mentors who will accompany them throughout the program.

  • Digital Marketing Department of any company
  • SEO and SEM consultant or analyst for companies
  • Digital Marketing Director in startups
  • Founder of your own e-commerce business
  • Data analyst to optimize digital marketing campaigns for your own or another company
  • Usability consultant
  • UI Designer
  • Digital innovation expert

Grants, scholarships and financing


The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you different means of financing so that you can take any of our programs without worry. We offer you the opportunity to finance part of your program, either by rewarding your talent through scholarships, through grants from entities dedicated to promoting education or through collaboration agreements with financial entities.

Merit Based Scholarship

Apply for our Merit Based Scholarship, awarded to those who prove they have talent and motivation.

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Grants and discounts

External financial aid

A large number of external entities and institutions offer financial aid options to students who want to enrol on one of our master programs and postgraduate courses.


    Learn more

    Alumni discounts

    If you are a member of our alumni associations or of one of our partner universities, we offer you a series of applicable discounts on the amount of tuition for your program.

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    UPF Employee Discounts

    If you are a member or family member of an employee of the UPF group or belonged to the collaborating institutions of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, you can enjoy a series of applicable discounts on the tuition fees for your program.

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    UPF Partner Latinoamerican Universities Discount

    If you are alumni of one of our Partner Universities, you are entitled to a discount of 10% on the UPF Barcelona School of Management Masters and postgraduate program tuition fees (those programs with more than 15 credits).

    *Discount not compatible with other scholarships, discounts and reductions.

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    UPF Partner Universities Discount

    Check if the university where you took your undergraduate studies is a UPF partner university and obtain a 10% discount on your master's tuition fees. 

    *Discount not compatible with other scholarships, discounts and reductions.

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    Financing simulator

    You can choose how to finance your studies by consulting our simulator.

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    Collaborating entities

    In addition, we collaborate with various entities which provide study loans on favorable terms. For more information you can contact any of the following links. 

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