Postgraduate Course on Management of Social Responsibility (CSR)


Sessions, workshops and lectures (teaching staff): 

• Conceptual sessions

• Sessions to develop resources and tools

• Sessions with presentations of real practical cases in companies and organizations

• Real practical case study sessions

• Group role-playing sessions

• Activities outside the classroom to solve practical exercises

• Performing individual assignments

Activity outside the classroom (personal work by participant): 

• Session preparation and/or assessment activities.

• Final project

• Extracurricular work experience


Face-to-face masters programs, postgraduate courses and short courses at UPF Barcelona School of Management combine active student participation with the teaching of theoretical and practical concepts. This type of learning focuses on discussing and resolving case studies in the classroom and applying the knowledge acquired to real-life situations. Face-to face programs use Aula Global, the virtual campus, to maintain continuity between classroom sessions.