Online specialization course in Risks and Benefits of Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange transactions

In a highly volatile market linked to the ups and downs of the economy, mastery of the different financial products for hedging risks is key. Thanks to this course you will better understand how to apply each product depending on the international situation and trends.

  • futures
  • options
  • foreign exchange
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Classes start
16 June, 2021
Program ends
20 July, 2021
ECTS credits
300 €

The main objective of the Online specialization course in Risks and Benefits of Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange transactions is to provide the participant with detailed knowledge of the different derivative products that you can use to mitigate risks in your financial investments. In addition to understanding the products, the student will learn to design hedging strategies and to take the right decision based on market conditions. 

To take decisions, once the strategy is in place, you need to know what the risk of losses or potential profits of an operation are, hence the emphasis of the course on calculating the results.

Finally, you will also gain indepth knowledge of hedging in international foreign exchange transactions and analyse the latest trends in trading. 

The program content and structure is as follows:

  • Foreign exchange market
    •  Main characteristics
    • Exchange rates
  •  Spot and forward transactions
    • Price determination
    • Effects of inflation
    • PPA
    • Interest rate effects
  • Financial risk hedging
    • Calls / Puts
    • Forwards / Swaps
    • Warrants / Caps / Floors
  • Trading and CFD
  • Case studies

The content will be imparted theoretically but applied to real cases of success and failure in the application of hedging and the calculation of profits or losses. 

By the end, you will be able to better understand daytoday operations and the effects of investing in derivatives. You will be able to integrate the concepts into your Financial Management knowledge, so as to apply them to companies of any sector or size.

Once you have completed the program, you will be awarded the certificate of Curso en Riesgos y Beneficios de las Operaciones con Futuros, Opciones y Divisas, issued by the UPF Barcelona School of Management.

Why choose this program


Applied approach to the Risks and Benefits of transactions

Thanks to this course you will better understand how to apply each product depending on the international situation and trends. And you will master the risks and benefits of trading with derivatives. Moreover, the theory will be applied at all times to the day-to day trading operations.


Expand your training at the end of the course


This course entitles you to transfer 3 ECTS toward the Master in Accounting and Financial Management (specialization in Corporate Finance) or the Postgraduate Course in Corporate Finance.


Adapted to you

Its online methodology gives you the flexibility to cover its content and undergo the necessary evaluations at your convenience.



You will be in permanent contact with lecturers and classmates through the forum and webinar sessions, where you can ask questions, share experiences and generate new contacts.


Prestigious qualification

You will obtain a qualification endorsed by the international prestige of Pompeu Fabra University which will allow you stand out and take on new professional challenges.

Who is it for?

The program is mainly aimed at investors and professionals interested in better understanding the daytoday operations using derivatives and being able to design good hedging strategies.

The group of participants is mostly made up of:

  •  Investors 
  •  Corporate Finance employees
  •  Finance directors
  •  Financial advisors 
Admission and enrolment




Xavier Brun Lozano

Senior Lecturer BSM

Quico Marin Anglada

Senior Lecturer BSM


At UPF Barcelona School of Management we are committed to a flexible and dynamic online model whose objective is to place you as the participant at the heart of the process so that you have control over the way you learn.  

To help you with your day-to-day management and to achieve your academic goals, you will have 24/7 access to the virtual environment so you can study at your own pace without a fixed timetable.

This will allow you to acquire key knowledge and skills while combining your education with your work and personal life, allowing you to make the most of the time you have available.  


Interactive teaching resources

Resources in different formats will provide you with a more motivating experience: videos, interactive material, links and downloadable resources. Designed and updated periodically by professionals and experts in the field, putting the latest knowledge, skills, and tools at your fingertips so you can take your career to the next level.


Collaborative learning

Participation and discussion with your classmates and lecturers are essential to the learning process. We will provide you with various resources such as the Forum, where you can propose new topics for debate, comment on and answer questions asked by the lecturer or respond to interesting comments.


Streaming sessions with experts

Videoconferences sessions with the expert lecturer or special guests will allow you to ask questions, discuss what you have learned and connect in real time as if you were all in the same place. To guarantee flexibility, we will record the sessions to make them available to you for subsequent consultation.


Personalized support

You will have both the support of the expert lecturer, who will guide you through the contents and answer your questions, as well as the program manager who will accompany you in the day-to-day running of the program and facilitate access to the different services.


Your evaluation during the program will be established and corrected under the quality criteria required for all UPF Barcelona School of Management programs, which guarantees their academic value and recognition.

Your evaluation during the program will be carried out online based on the following:

  • Test of your knowledge
  • Delivery of practical activities


The learning process is characterized by its flexibility, since, in the virtual learning environment, the structure of the school calendar and the diversity of multimedia resources which are made available to the student allows them to acquire knowledge in a self-regulated manner.

The support of the teaching staff and interaction with classmates is carried out by making use of a wide variety of communication channels that facilitate proximity and didactic dialogue. The completion of activities and the Master's Final Project or Postgraduate Final Project is oriented towards professional practice for a high-impact professional transfer.


Professional Future

Admission and enrolment

The admission and enrolment process for this course consists of a few simple steps.

Who can apply?

The online specialization courses are aimed at professionals who want to acquire new specific skills to expand their knowledge and improve their professional career.

How to apply?

To enrol in this program, you must read and accept the Contract Terms and Conditions and fill in the registration form.

The following steps need to be taken to register for the course:

1. Fill in the admission application form. You will receive a username and password to access the eSecretaría platform.
2. On the platform, upload a scanned copy of your ID (both sides).
3. Go to the "Enrolment" section to pay for the course by credit card or bank transfer.

In certain cases, additional documentation may be requested. 

The application is subject to the availability of places.

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Online specialization course in Risks and Benefits of Futures, Options and Foreign Exchange transactions