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6th International Congress for the Study of Mediation and Conflict


October 21-22, 2021


UPF Barcelona School of Management

Congreso Internacional para el Estudio de la Mediación y el Conflicto

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The 6th International Congress for Study of Mediation and Conflict comes at a time of change accelerated by a pandemic that has intensified already latent socioeconomic discomforts. However, it will also be held in a context that allows for the promotion of concepts such as solidarity, equality and the protection of the planet. 

On October 21 and 22, the congress –which will focus on the "culture of mediation for planetary welfare"– will analyze innovation and new methodologies in the culture of mediation for the construction of an ethical coexistence. The directors of the Master in Professional Mediation of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, Javier Wilhelm, Maria Munné and Pere Notó, will be present at the congres.

In addition, for two days, the campus of Balmes will be visited by personalities such as Sister Lucia Caram; Xavier Bernadí, Secretary of the Catalan Government; Ma Eugenia Gay, Dean of the Barcelona BAR Association; and Maria Assumpció Vilà, Trustee of Barcelona, as well as prominent international professionals within mediation. 

International Conference

The University Conference for the Study of Mediation and Conflict (CUEMYC) is a non-profit university association to which more than fifty national and international universities, university centers and institutes, and services specialized in mediation and cooperative conflict management are associated. The UPF-BSM is associated to this network since its origins, in 2012. 

Mediation is a group dialogue that lives the tension between the different narratives of the people involved and has a transforming attitude from and towards plurality, diversity and coexistence. Mediation also fosters a space for critical thinking towards the individual and towards the other that acts as a mirror int he face of the discomforts that the present moment shows. 

But mediation as an institutionalized system is at risk of being absorbed and integrated into the structure and values of a questioned paradigm. We knew that mediation was the best system to promote coexistence in order to live in change with the uncertainty it brings. In these times, we have checked it. 


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