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Stupidocracy: a new theory of collective foolishness


Wednesday, March 23 at 6pm


Koiné Space (UPF Barcelona School of Management)

Portada libro Marcos Eguiguren

"You can deal with a stupid individual or a group of stupid people identified as such, but when the system and a larg part of its members, the way people live and the way they are governed are possessed by stupidity, it seems impossible to reverse the situation".

Indeed, in order to rethink it, the economist Marcos Eguiguren, Associate Provost of the UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) and Director of the International Chair of Sustainable Finance, has published "Estupidocracia: nueva teoría de la necedad colectiva" (Stupidocracy: a new theory of collective foolishness) (Gedisa, 2022), a book with which he ironises the misinterpreted welfare state and the single thinking "that increasingly envelops us".

On 23 March at 7pm, Eguiguren will present the publication and talk with Toni Aira, Director of the Master in Political and Institutional Communication and author of the prologue, about the news forms of marketing, the "stupidising" role of social networks, the role of politics today and the role of public administrations.

The event can be followed live from the UPF-BSM Koiné Space, prior registration, and also via streaming.

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