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UPF-BSMInternational Chair in Sustainable Finance

Our Chair in Sustainable Finance aspires to be a thought leader in guiding the financial sector towards an evolution of finance in which human dignity and the preservation of the planet are placed at the center of economic activity.

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This Chair is made possible thanks to the support of Triodos Bank NV, branch in Spain.

The Chair is an international center for research, exchange of experiences, dissemination and training. Its main assets are its independence and inclusiveness. Its inspiration, in terms of objectives and activity, is the think tank and research center model prevailing in several European countries. 

The Chair sees finance as a decisive disruptive force for achieving a fairer and more sustainable economy, in which human dignity and the preservation of the planet are at the center of economic activity and, therefore, of business objectives.

The vision of the Chair is:

  • A stable and resilient financial sector that contributes to a people-centered economy and the maintenance of life on the planet.

And its founding mission focuses on:

  • To favor and contribute to the debate on sustainable finance with a theoretical-practical approach, and in an independent manner.


The Chair has a number of specific purposes. 

  • To disseminate in Spain original and advanced lines of thought and research, carried out by universities and institutions around the world, especially in Europe. Joining with other similar centers will be a fundamental axis of action.
  • To carry out, alone or in collaboration with other companies and institutions, unique research projects that drive the progress of sustainable finance in the country.
  • Based on the above developments, design and implement an outreach policy with a clear objective to induce action by specialized stakeholders: financial sector in general, regulators, investors and governments.
  • Based on the evidence, create outreach tools on the field of sustainable finance and the role of finance in the economy for use by the general public.
  • To be a reference and source of knowledge for the creation of specialized and/or postgraduate training programs in the field of sustainable finance, both within UPF-BSM and in other institutes and universities.

Academic Committee

Susana Cabada

Susana Cabada

Retail Banking Director at Triodos Bank
Doctorate in Law and Society.

Patricia Gabeiras Vázquez

Patricia Gabeiras Vázquez

Founding-partner at Gabeiras y Asociados.

Oriol Amat Sala

Oriol Amat Sala

Rector of the Pompeu Fabra University.

Marcos Eguiguren Huerta

Marcos Eguiguren Huerta

Director of the Chair in Sustainable Finance

Marta de la Cuesta

Marta de la Cuesta

Founding Partner of Economistas sin Fronteras


Ramón Bastida Vialcanet

Ramón Bastida Vialcanet

Vice-Dean of Knowledge Transfer and researcher.
Doctor in Business Administration and Management from the Universitat Rovira i Virgili.

Enrique Schonberg-Schwarz

Enrique Schonberg-Schwarz

Chair Coordinator
Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Business at Pompeu Fabra University.

Gemma Cid

Gemma Cid

foto de Óscar Elviro Benito

Óscar Elviro Benito

Foto de Xavier Puig Pla

Xavier Puig Pla

Erola Palau

Erola Palau


Materials published at international level

Materials published at national level

Publications generated by the UPF-BSM Chair and the UPF-BSM environment

Other articles and reports of interest for the Chair

News and Articles

We present a selection of articles and relevant news that deal with sustainable finance issues, with special emphasis on the news generated by the UPF Barcelona School of Management itself, but also being a small window to know that information of international scope that stands out for its relevance or innovative character.

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UPF Barcelona School of Management and Triodos Bank create the Chair in Sustainable Finance
The UPF Barcelona School of Management (UPF-BSM) and Triodos Bank, an ethical banking credit institution, sign an agreement for the creation of the Chair in Sustainable Finance (CSF), an international center for research, exchange of experiences, dissemination and training.

How values-based banks advance social impact objectives in the EU
The Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) has published in its networks the project prepared jointly with our Chair, that deals with the social impact of banking based on values.


Master's Degree in Finance and Banking
Become the professional in the financial area that today's market needs: investment fund manager, banking manager, personal advisor, or expert in the new disruptive platforms of the sector.

Postgraduate Course in Management of Social and Corporate Responsibility
Obtain a global vision of all the knowledge and interest groups, internal and external, which CSR covers in organizations (with regards to social, employment, environmental, and Human Rights aspects).

Master of Science in Finance and Banking
Learn the skills necessary to make sound decisions in finance, banking, and financial regulation.

Master of Science in Management
Acquire a solid understanding of business management and organizations, and specialize in your preferred area: Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship, Marketing or Operations and Supply Chain Management.


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Marcos Eguiguren: Las finanzas sostenibles: una mirada desde la esencia del sector financiero

(hombre hablando)

Óscar Elvira: La inversión socialmente responsable

(Marcos Eguiguren hablando)

Marcos Eguiguren: Regulación, finanzas sostenibles y propósito


Please contact us if you need more information or want to be updated on the work and latest news of the Chair.

Enrique Schonberg-Schwarz
Chair Coordinator