Online Postgraduate Course in Financial Management


The teaching method of the face-to-face edition encourages interaction between students and includes case studies, business games, group work and report presentations, among other things.

As well as being given explanations of theoretical concepts by the teaching staff, the students themselves play an active role in the sessions. They debate and resolve practical cases, work in groups to develop role plays and business games based on real, current problems, and prepare a group project in which they apply the knowledge they have learnt.

Between sessions, students study the materials they have been provided with and prepare the exercises that will subsequently be discussed in class. For each hour of face-to-face contact, students are expected to complete two hours of work in their own time.


UPF Barcelona School of Management’s online masters, postgraduate programs and short courses are aimed at professionals who prefer to work 100% online, without attending face-to-face in-classroom sessions. This type of learning requires the active participation of the student through a wide variety of online resources (documents, bibliography, 2.0 tools, videos, interactive applications, etc.) that enable learning, practical work and the acquisition of new key competences.