Postgraduate course in Labour Law


  • The course is formed of two blocks: general concepts and specific concepts.
  • Each block is divided into modules which are in turn made up of subjects taught by different teachers (academics, judges and experts in administration).
  • The deductive method (also known as the classic continental European method) will be used in class. It includes the following steps:

Description of legal institutions (a normative historical analysis).Explanation of the interpretative problems that the current legislation presents.Discussion of case-law solutions.Solve a practical legal case.

  • Class materials will be given out in each subject (dossiers, presentations, case-law documents and complementary legislation).
  • Subjects are worth ECTS credits (25 hours of work per credit). These hours are made up of class time and individual student study outside class.


Face-to-face masters programs, postgraduate courses and short courses at UPF Barcelona School of Management combine active student participation with the teaching of theoretical and practical concepts. This type of learning focuses on discussing and resolving case studies in the classroom and applying the knowledge acquired to real-life situations. Face-to face programs use Aula Global, the virtual campus, to maintain continuity between classroom sessions.