Online Postgraduate Course in Usability, UX and Interaction Design

Program curriculum and final degree

Program Curriculum

Over the course of four modules, this postgraduate course will explore the various stages of creation of an interface, from initial concept to development of a final prototype. Students will become specialists in the field of user experience and gain the capacity to produce prototypes of good quality, facilitate communication with development departments and develop their own websites and applications.

Students will also examine the different techniques for evaluating interfaces from a usability and user experience perspective, weighing up their advantages and disadvantages, and the way in which they complement one another in order to produce improved outcomes.

Given that this profession exists principally within companies, students will learn about work processes within the corporate environment, whether in terms of departments within a company or consulting firms with corporate clients.

Designing Usable Interfaces

  • Analysis of requirements. Ethnography and people-focused techniques.
  • The architecture of information.
  • Prototyping.
  • Content creation.
  • Designing interfaces for mobile devices.
  • Accessibility.

Managing Projects and Front End for UX

  • UX working methods in "flexible" environments.
  • UX in e-commerce projects. Persuasion and conversion.
  • Defining KPI for UX.
  • The dashboard as an internal and communications tool.
  • Presenting and communicating the results of a UX study.
  • Onsite UX and consulting.
  • Languages: HTML, CSS and JS.

Evaluating Usability and User Experience

  • Heuristic evaluation and cognitive walkthrough.
  • User testing.
  • Surveys, interviews and focus groups.
  • Metrics of usability evaluation. Statistics for UX.
  • Testing with mobile devices.
  • Eye tracking for UX.

Mobile Devices: Prototyping, Usability, SEO, SEM and Mobile Analytics

  • Programming mobile apps.
  • Responsive design.

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Final Degree

Upon successfully completing the program, students will receive a Postgraduate Diploma in Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University.