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UPF-BSM alumni Neus Ballús to premiere 'Sis dies corrents' at the Locarno International Film Festival

1 Julio - 2021
Cartell Sis dies corrents

The film Sis dies corrents, by Neus Ballús, will compete for the "Golden Leopard" at the Locarno International Film Festival, to be held in Switzerland from August 4 to 14. Ballús, alumni of the Master in Creative Documentary at the UPF Barcelona School of Management, will compete against twenty titles to achieve the highest distinction of a festival in which films by distinguished filmmakers such as Wong Kar-Wai, Claire Denis, Jim Jarmush and Mia Hansen-Løve, among others, have participated.

After six years of starting the process... finally today we can tell you that Sis dies corrents will premiere at the Locarno International Film Festival," Ballús celebrated through her social networks. Based on real situations and characters, the film tells the day-to-day life of Moha, Valero and Pep, workers in a plumbing company on the outskirts of Barcelona. "No matter how you look at it, our plumbers don't quite believe it," added the director.

Ballús will compete for the "Golden Leopard", the highest distinction of a festival in which distinguished filmmakers such as Denis, Jarmush or Hansen-Løve have participated

Sis dies corrents is the third feature film by Neus Ballús, who debuted with the successful La Plaga (Berlinale, 2013), followed by the also award-winning El viaje de Marta (Berlinale, 2019). As in her opera prima, Sis dies corrents is a film that combines fiction with elements borrowed from reality and that preserves the characteristic sensibility of her author. This time, however, Ballús moves away from drama to delve into an apparently light tone, turning the proposal into a singular comedy.

As usual in her filmography, Ballús also works on this occasion with a cast made up entirely of non-actors who play themselves. Under a layer of humor, lightness and everyday life, the six stories that make up the film (corresponding to the six days of a work week), hide a deep reflection on the prejudices that are activated when we are forced to live with someone different from us.

Over the past two decades, the Master in Creative Documentary has promoted some thirty films. Most of them have won awards at numerous international festivals.

Just like La Plaga, Sis dies corrents has the support of the Master in Creative Documentary at the UPF-BSM, directed by Jordi Balló, which in the last two decades has supported some thirty films. Most of them have won awards at numerous international festivals around the world, including Mones com la Becky (1999) and De nens (2003), both by Joaquim Jordà, En construcción (2001) by José Luis Guerin, El cel gira (2004) by Mercedes Álvarez, La leyenda del tiempo (2006) d'Isaki Lacuesta, Dies d'Agost (2006) by Marc Recha, Penèlope (2017) d'Eva Vila, La Plaga (2013), by Ballús herself or O que arde (2019), d'Oliver Laxe.

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