Master in Tax Consultancy

Employment opportunities

  • Legal, Administrative or Financial Department in any type of company or organization.
  • Internal corporate taxation manager in any type of company.
  • Corporate taxation manager in any type of business consulting firm.
  • Tax advice to companies.
  • Fiscal controller.
  • Tax advice in any law firm or economist’s office.

Our students' experience

Arnau Morató
Financial Director of the SIRSA Group

“Studying the Master in Tax Consultancy at UPF Barcelona School of Management was one of the best decisions of my life: it was a personal challenge and a life project that allowed me to take a leap in my professional career, as well as to grow both personally, academically and professionally.

Taking this master program is a key to differentiating yourself in the labour market and makes you much more competitive. It is a journey that starts right when you finish the 9 months of classes. It has allowed me to learn and enjoy a subject as complex as taxation, in a very welcoming environment among colleagues. Working in small groups brings you close together and creates bonds of friendship that still continue today. Meeting future professionals in the field with whom you will have the opportunity to collaborate and share interests”.