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Master in Digital Marketing Management

Máster Dirección Marketing Digital

Master in Digital Marketing Management

UPF-BSMMastersMaster in Digital Marketing Management

The Master of Digital Marketing Management, a program designed for an international audience,  aims to empower marketing professionals to lead conscious economic progress in their organisations, through digital marketing management.

Digital marketingSEOSEM
Next edition
Classes start: September 2024
Duration10 months
ECTS credits60
Price13.500 €

In October 2020, the Master in Digital Marketing Management celebrated its 15th anniversary. During those fifteen years, more than 400 people of 21 different nationalities have taken it, and these individuals are currently carrying out their professional careers in the world of digital marketing in multinational companies, SMEs, agencies, consultancies, or in their own start-ups created during the master. As a result of this trajectory, the EDUNIVERSAL ranking places the program among the 15 best masters in its speciality on an international level and qualifies it as the second best master at the national level.

In addition to studying the theoretical bases of digital marketing, you will create a relationship and digital marketing plan based on an individual project with the personalized support of a mentor.

In order to provide theoretical and practical knowledge in this master in marketing management, conceptual and strategic competencies and practical and instrumental skills are balanced. You will work in coaching sessions on key competencies: leadership, empathy, creativity, or emotional intelligence.

This then allows you to adapt to the accelerated pace of changes to which you find yourself subjected and acquire all those necessary management skills.

The program is designed so that each participant achieves six essential objectives:

  • Incorporate a vision of marketing with a focus on the Customer, not the product.
  • Incorporate a business vision on which to develop the strategic planning of the brand and the relational strategies to attract and retain customers, with an eye on the ROI of their action plans.
  • Incorporate the fundamentals of data-driven marketing that allow us to know how to obtain and exploit them profitably, in accordance with the current legislative framework (GDPR).
  • Incorporate key knowledge for the definition and implementation of their own digital channels, as well as for the planning and management of communication campaigns, with special emphasis on an integrated use of digital channels and the mobilizing creativity of their content.
  • Incorporate technical knowledge to adequately develop a systematic policy for measuring user behaviour, both in channels and in campaigns.
  • Incorporate a technological sensitivity that allows effective dialogue with the different technical specialists, essential for the implementation of digital marketing activities.

With the Master in Digital Marketing Management you will become a competent expert both in management and in decision-making, and in the execution of marketing and its associated technical-technological dimension.

The Master in Digital Marketing Management, a lifelong learning program, is endorsed by Pompeu Fabra University, the 1st Spanish university and the 15th best university in the world (of those with less than 50 years), according to the Times Higher Education ranking. In addition, UPF Barcelona School of Management has EQUIS accreditation, the most prestigious institutional recognition for business schools globally.

Why choose this program


Learn from professionals in the sector

The teaching team consists of experts from the digital marketing sector, a large number of them, Masters students. All subjects include a practical approach with knowledge on permanent upgrade


Puts the focus on the business

Strengthens business orientation with customer-centric marketing built on key pillars (data, strategy, content, channels, analytics, and technology, among others) and combines a solid conceptual base with experience in the use of online marketing tools (Google Analytics & Data Studio, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.).


Customize your knowledge in the Master's Final Project

Apply everything learned in the Master's Final Project, an individual project freely chosen by each participant, in which a complete marketing plan is developed for an existing company or the student's own entrepreneurial initiative.


Take advantage of extracurricular internships

The course offers the possibility of doing professional internships in leading companies and organizations such as Nestlé, Ogilvy, RocaSalvatella, Seat, FC Barcelona or Sanofi, among others.


Develop your skills

Grow your digital skills and professional development competencies with the support of teachers and individualized coaching.

Who is it for?

The Master in Digital Marketing Management is aimed at marketing technicians who want to become experts in the use of digital media and tools. This is a master with an entrepreneurial spirit which it also aims to find and develop in its participants. An entrepreneurial spirit that must not only serves the economic progress of companies and organizations but also aims to generate a positive impact on people, society, and the planet.


The UPF Barcelona School of Management is the management school of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), the 3rd best public university in Spain according to the Times Higher Education ranking. It is the best Spanish university, 10th in Europe, and in the Top 20 worldwide in its 2023 ranking of the best young universities.

UPF Barcelona School of Management has EQUIS accreditation, the most prestigious institutional recognition for business schools globally, and places itself among the top business schools in the world.



The program is structured in the following 6 areas of knowledge: strategic planning of relationship and digital marketing, data management, digital channels and content management, online analytics, marketing technology and economic planning.

The practical application of knowledge is achieved throughout the development of the Master's Final Project, a relationship and digital marketing plan based on an individual project, freely chosen by each participant and guided by their mentor, and whose purpose should be to have a positive impact in the world, aligning with some of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Likewise, the master emphasizes key professional competencies such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, or the definition of digital identity and personal brand.

All of the above fulfils the aim of the master when each participant transfers what they have learned to their professional field. To do this, the UPF Barcelona School of Management—through its Career Services department—offers the possibility of carrying out extracurricular professional internships during the development of the program for those who are not yet working.

  • Customer knowledge: empathy map, buyer persona, and customer journey (B2C, B2B)
  • Environmental and competitive framework analysis. Digital benchmarking
  • Business opportunity and value proposition
  • Brand strategic planning
  • Content strategy: introduction, definition of pillars, orchestration of channels and emitters
  • Introduction to digital channels: owned/paid/earned
  • Organic positioning (SEO)
  • Introduction to mobile marketing
  • Mobile marketing: Apps and UX
  • Fundamentals of UX/UI
  • Owned media: introduction to Social Media Networks (SMN) and strategy
  • Owned media: Social Media Networks planning
  • Deep dive into main channels: related features and tools (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, LinkedIn, WeChat)
  • Deep dive into main channels: features and related tools (LinkedIn, TikTok, Pinterest, streaming networks)
  • Tools related to various social networks and Social Media Optimization
  • Earned media: influencers and Social Commerce
  • Fundamental concepts for e-commerce: ingredients, channels and metrics
  • How to build your own sales channel (I): architecture, development, and platforms (OpenSource, Shopify, Magento, WordPress options)
  • How to build your own sales channel (II): data management, customers, and payments
  • Developing external sales channels: marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy, eBay), social commerce (Facebook, Instagram), price comparators (Google Shopping)
  • Result optimisation, strategy and logistics in eCommerce
  • B2B eCommerce environments. Specific aspects to consider


  • Customer-brand relationship cycle. Gap prioritization
  • Key elements in an acquisition strategy
  • The offer: basic and optional ingredients
  • Customer journey of the Master's Final Project (acquisition)
  • Behavioural economics: the levers of human motivation
  • Product-led growth
  • Online media planning: fundamentals, strategy, and cases
  • Google Ads: setup and campaign launch
  • Social paid: introduction and planning
  • Meta Ads: setup and campaign launch
  • Follow-up campaigns for Google Ads & Meta Ads


  • Key elements of a loyalty plan and Product-Led Growth
  • Sales strategies: upselling, cross-selling and MGM
  • Retention and re-engagement of former customers
  • Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) and Customer Total Value (CTV)
  • Customer journey of theMaster's Final Project (loyalty)
  • E-mailing: campaign planning, implementation, and tools
  • ROI calculation: Acquisition and Loyalty
  • Introduction to Data
  • Legislative framework: GDPR and the Information Society Services Act
  • Data acquisition strategies
  • Data exploitation
  • Programmatic. Identity Resolution. Cookieless
  • Data Manager and transformation of organizations
  • Measurement strategy
  • Workshop: web tracking analytics (Google Analytics)
  • Conversion tracking
  • Data visualization and dashboards (Google Data Studio)
  • From CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) to Product Led Growth
  • Introduction to tech fundamentals for marketers
  • Basic concepts of web and app infrastructure and programming
  • SEO, communications and marketing automation
  • Workshop: digital property prototype
  • Data and analysis: infrastructure, tools and programming
  • Communications and Adtech: technological aspects of the advertising ecosystem
  • MarTech conferences
  • Digital skills map and lifelong learning
  • From self-management of Digital Identity to Personal Branding
  • Presentation of monthly TFM milestones


  • Individual projects: selection criteria, milestones, evaluation
  • Individual projects: business idea inspiration
  • Individual projects: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and planetary well-being
  • Individual projects: omnichannel
  • Definition of individual project
  • Workshop: definition of MRD plan structure
  • Business model. MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Individual performance review
  • Economic plan
  • TFM defense

Note on the Curriculum

The information contained in these pages is for information purposes only and may be subject to change in the adaptation of each academic year. The definitive guide will be available to students in the virtual space before the start of each subject.

Complementary activities

The Master in Digital Marketing Management also includes the possibility of participating in practical activities and activities for personal and professional growth such as:

  • UPF-BSM Inside: is a group of interdisciplinary subjects (applied data, communication, creativity, innovation and project management, sustainability and leadership among others) that, if you take this program, you can access at no additional cost. They are 100% online and you can take them throughout the academic year at your own pace, as they have been designed as self-study subjects.
  • International mobility: The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you the possibility of expanding your training and international vision through the International Mobility Programme. Extend your studies extracurricularly, during the academic year following the completion of your Master's, at a top-level institution. Limited places.

Qualification obtained

Once you have passed the program, you will receive the following electronic degree certification (eTítulo©): Lifelong learning master's degree in Digital Marketing Management, awarded by Pompeu Fabra University. The eTítulo© will be issued in Catalan, Spanish and English.

The electronic degree certification (eTítulo© ) is an authentic digital degree, issued in pdf format and electronically signed, with the same legal validity as if it were in paper format.


The master is taught by teachers who are professionals in digital marketing. This guarantees a continuous update of the academic contents, as well as a pragmatic and practical methodological approach.

Academic directors



Collaborating faculty

  • Anna Buron
    Senior Product Lead at Adidas.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Pat Carrasco
    Digital Marketing Consultant at Pat Carrasco & CO.
    Grado en Humanidades por la UPF.
  • Itziar Cenoz
    Partner and Consultant at ICY.
    Master in Digital Business for ICEMD.
  • Gerard Fàbregas
    Business Director on Performics UK.
    Graduated in Management from Webber International University (Florida, USA).
  • Noelia Leiro
    CEO and Founder at Actualízatec Mobile and APP Marketing.
    Master in Marketing and Commercial Management for SIC.
  • Gemma Llopart
    CRO & Data Analyst at Cuideo.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Adriana Mariné
    UX Designer at ISDIN.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Eduard Mas
    Growth Product & Business Development at Qonto.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Elisenda Montserrat
    Front End Developer at SAP.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Glòria Muñoz
    eCommerce Director - Barça Licencing & Merchandising at FC Barcelona.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Fernando Saiz
    CMO at Techsoulogy.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Ester Solana
    Senior Strategic Planner at Ogilvy Barcelona.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Raül Valdivia
    CMO at Artesta.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.
  • Marcela Valle
    CRM & Growth Manager at Grupo Planeta.
    Master in Direct and Digital Marketing for the UPF Barcelona School of Management.


The Master’s methodology in Digital Marketing Management aims to accompany you continuously and customarily throughout the program. To this end, it combines several learning methods.

Master's group sessions will be mostly held in a presential manner, with the exception of some, which will be taught in streaming, through webinar and meeting platforms.

In all sessions, teachers facilitate learning dynamics and deepen the appropriate content. The work that can be assessed for each subject will be explained at the appropriate group meetings to facilitate its preparation.

Throughout the Master's, you will work on your own professional challenge: a project that each participant defines from the start. A mentor will guide and supervise your project, helping you to apply the skills acquired during the Masters, to develop analysis and diagnostic skills and to make workable proposals for its implementation.

In addition, the Academic Management Team keeps track of the evolution of each participant by providing the necessary support for the maximum use of the programme.

Show videos


Collaborative flipped classroom

In this methodology the tasks are reversed: you will review the materials (documents, videos, and other sources) before the class, and you will work on them with other participants of the master, solve exercises and submit them in the class sessions. In this way we encourage participation, critical thinking, collaborative work, and creativity.


Individual project (Master's Final Project)

Master's Final Work will respond to a real challenge, with a strategic and operational marketing plan of a project that connects to your personal interests and professional aspirations. TFM will allow you to deepen the application to your project of all the concepts, techniques and tools provided in the group sessions.


Individual project mentoring

From the first day, a mentor (professional from the marketing sector or master's alumni) will guide you, challenge your ideas, help you identify reference teachers, projects, companies, and activities with which to enrich your project and give you emotional support.


Development of skills and competences

We have identified the key competences that favour your professional development: leadership, communication, cooperation, adaptive thinking and autonomous learning. We will work these skills in a personalized manner throughout the development of the TFM and its milestones. In addition, through masterclasses with digital marketing professionals, we will develop the key competences for effective management.


Individual Progress Tracking

After the first and second trimesters of the program, you will have an individual track session with a member of the Academic Management Team. In it you can contrast your evolution in the program and you will get feedback on your progress. The purpose will be to help you to get the fullest performance from the Masters and connect it to your professional development.


The evaluation of the progress of each participant is carried out continuously throughout the program of the master and takes into account the following aspects:

  • Exercises prior to the teaching sessions (self/peer evaluation)
  • Exercises corresponding to each of the subjects
  • Individual project: report of the Master's Final Project and its presentation in monthly milestones and final defence
  • Assessment of learning progress (mentor)
  • A minimum compulsory attendance of 80% of the program's teaching sessions is required


Project-oriented learning and the combination of lectures and active methodologies such as case studies, flipped learning, solving real problems and professional simulations allow the student to connect theory and practice, acquire advanced skills and achieve learning which is transferable to work.

You will have:

  • Master's Final Project (TFM) or  Postgrad Final Project (TFP)
  • A personal mentor to monitor your final project (TFM or TFP)
  • Digital resources to achieve transversal skills
  • Interdisciplinary activities and workshops

Professional Future

The current environment has shown that the digitization of companies is not only essential, but is a matter of strict survival. All organizations must continue to compete in an uncertain environment, for which their marketing needs to be effective and responsible more than ever.

All this creates a great professional opportunity for those who are true experts in digital marketing, since they will find a wide range of professional opportunities among their multiple specialties or will be able to develop their own entrepreneurial initiative (start-up).


Student profile

The Master in Digital Marketing Management brings together students from more than 21 countries and mostly from the Marketing and Sales area, although some also have previous experience in Journalism, Business Administration and Management, Economics, or Psychology. Most of the participants already have, in addition to their university studies, some experience in the world of work and seek to take another step in their professional career. In addition, all share the entrepreneurial spirit of this program.


This is the profile of the people you will share this master with:


  • They have enough knowledge about marketing foundations and some work experience in the areas of marketing, communication or trade.
  • They have an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to progress, whether in a company/organisation or in an own-initiative
  • They demonstrate high motivation to pursue a demanding master's degree that requires continued dedication throughout the program
  • They show a participatory attitude in class and collaborative with their peers and teachers

Average age


International students


Previous studies in Advertising and Marketing


Previous studies in Journalism


Previous studies in Business Administration and Management

Career opportunities

The Master in Digital Marketing Management aims to turn those who study it into competent professionals both in management and in the execution of digital marketing and its associated technical-technological dimension.

It includes the option of doing extracurricular internships.

  • Digital Marketing Manager: in charge of the implementation, start-up, and control of the digital marketing plan of a company or brand
  • E-Commerce Manager: in charge of creating and/or managing an online store and generating profitable business from it, with the help of social networks
  • Digital Media Planner: in charge of online media planning (social networks, apps, search engines, banners, online TV, etc.)
  • Digital Analyst: in charge of giving meaning and sense to the data collected through the different online measurement tools (site-centric and user-centric)
  • Content Manager: in charge of managing and co-ordinating the digital content generated by a company or a brand
  • Acquisition/Traffic Specialist: in charge of the management and control of the engagement traffic that comes to a digital property, either via organic and/or paid traffic channels.

Grants, scholarships and financing


The UPF Barcelona School of Management offers you different means of financing so that you can take any of our programs without worry. We offer you the opportunity to finance part of your program, either by rewarding your talent through scholarships, through grants from entities dedicated to promoting education or through collaboration agreements with financial entities.

Merit Based Scholarship

Apply for our Merit Based Scholarship, awarded to those who prove they have talent and motivation.

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Grants and discounts

Alumni discounts

If you are a member of our alumni associations or of one of our partner universities, we offer you a series of applicable discounts on the amount of tuition for your program.

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UPF Employee Discounts

If you are a member or family member of an employee of the UPF group or belonged to the collaborating institutions of the UPF Barcelona School of Management, you can enjoy a series of applicable discounts on the tuition fees for your program.

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UPF Partner Latinoamerican Universities Discount

If you are alumni of one of our Partner Universities, you are entitled to a discount of 10% on the UPF Barcelona School of Management Masters and postgraduate program tuition fees (those programs with more than 15 credits).

*Discount not compatible with other scholarships, discounts and reductions.

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Financing simulator

You can choose how to finance your studies by consulting our simulator.

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Collaborating entities

In addition, we collaborate with various entities which provide study loans on favorable terms. For more information you can contact any of the following links. 

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