Master in Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Management


Classes taught in:
Start of classes:
01 October 2021 (to be confirmed)
End of program:
02 July 2022 (to be confirmed)
Class times:

Fridays from 16.00 to 21.00, Saturdays from 9.00 a 14.00 and one Thursday per month from 18.30 to 21.30 pm

Program type:
Master's Degree
Tuition fees:

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The Master in Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Management makes you a professional specialist in the management of a brand and strategy definition from an innovative and creative approach. In this master you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to practice as an Account Planner in advertising agencies, managing projects in brand strategy consulting and innovation or performing strategic marketing tasks within any company.

From concepts like brand purpose, value proposition, brand meaning, archetypes, brand identity, strategic innovation and social responsibility, you learn to strategically plan the creation and development of a brand, to care for its reputation and ensure its impact. Throughout the course you will learn how to give brands a distinct identity (ensure that they are recognized and transmit their differential values through Brand Meaning Creation), how to apply innovative concepts to keep them current and unique (Brand Strategy & Innovation), how to make them profitable through marketing, how communicate them to highlight their presence on the market or how to coexist in harmony with the environment by applying principles of social responsibility.

Taught by lecturers and professionals in strategic planning, creativity, consulting and brand identity, the Master in Brand Strategy and Creative Brand Management is aimed at graduates in advertising, public relations and marketing, as well as professionals with experience wishing to obtain a complete and integrated training in brand management.

You can choose how to finance your studies between 3 and 59 months by consulting our simulator and receive an answer in less than 24 hours. You can also check the special bank loans available to participants in the UPF Barcelona School of Management.


Why this program?

  1. Because it takes a practical and up-to-date approach to planning: you will learn to master the methodologies and tools used in developing strategies, conceptualizing brands and measuring brand value, learn how to use appropriate KPIs and design communication strategies for advertising agencies and the digital environment.
  2. Because it is the first master's program in Spain that addresses brands from a 3.0 perspective, and discusses the tangible and intangible aspects of brands (innovation and emotions) and the key processes in brand construction (vision, personality, storytelling, analysis, strategy, creativity and transmedia).
  3. Because you will attend classes led by international advertising, brand management and brand strategy leaders, such as Oriol Bombi, Director of Strategic Planning at McCann Europe; Ugo Ceria, Head of Strategy at Delvico JWT Madrid; Mark Batey, founder of Batey Consulting, whose clients include Coca-Cola, Unilever, Kraft Foods and Nestlé; and Marie-Claude Sicard, an expert in luxury brand strategy for companies such as Guerlain, Givenchy, Dior, Lanvin and YSL, among others.
  4. Because you will base your final projects (on strategic planning and brand meaning management) on real cases and present them to the clients. Our graduates have designed projects for companies such as Mútua de Terrassa, UNICEF, Vinos Bach (Grupo Codorniu), Save the Children, Nissan, Inditex, Triodos Bank, Jack Daniels, In-edit and Procter & Gamble (Dolce & Gabbana).
  5. Because you will have the chance to intern and gain strategic planning experience at agencies such as DDB, JWT, McCann Erikson, or brand management experience at companies such as Collaborabrands, P&G Geneva and Jack Daniel's, among others.
  6. Because it incorporates an advanced, self-designed learning model based on the educational philosophy of the UPF Barcelona School of Management's manifesto.


  • Become trained to creatively design advertising strategies, and be able to carry out relevant specialized professional tasks in businesses (in brand development, corporate and marketing departments) as well as in brand consultancy and advertising agencies.
  • Gain cross-cutting skills, abilities and knowledge, including those related to the latest trends in brand strategy, meaning creation, management and implementation.
  • Undertake an exhaustive analysis of advertising campaigns and messages and their different elements. Study the professional and cultural conditions which affect these campaigns as well as the strategic and creative processes that are developed to carry them out.
  • Learn to find original, efficient solutions to brand communication problems.
  • Master content strategy and media design to get the most out of investing in advertising, taking into account the target audience and consumer sectors.
  • Know how to identify cultural works, movements and actions of all types which could be used as content or style inspiration for students' own advertising campaigns.