VI International Congress for the Study of Mediation and Conflict 'Mediation culture for planetary well-being'

  International Congress for the Study of Mediation and Conflict

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The 6th  International Congress for the Study of Mediation and Conflict is held at a time of change of paradigm, accelerated by a global pandemic that intensified various social manifestations, which were latently developing: social unrest, unsustainable socioeconomic gaps and the consequent breaking of the social contract. At the same time, this moment opens up the possibility of emerging ideas such as solidarity, equality, care for the planet, among others.

In this context, mediation as a dialogical system of conflicts should become the hinge that sustains the moment of transition we are experiencing, in continuous tension between solidarity and social aggression, opting for a primarily positive change, in the face of the real threat of a path towards the disintegration of the proactive values ​​that sustain a society that looks towards an ethical ideal.

The University Conference for the Study of Mediation and Conflict (CUEMYC) is a non-profit university association associated with more than 50 national and international universities, university centers and institutes, and specialized services in mediation and / or cooperative management of conflict. The UPF BSM is associated with this network since its origins, in 2012.

Mediation is group dialogue that experiences the tension between the different stories of the people involved and has a transformative attitude to and from plurality, diversity, and coexistence; fostering a space of critical thinking towards the individual or social thought and of critical thinking towards the Other, which acts as a mirror to the discomfort that the current moment of metamorphosis presents.

Mediation as an institutionalized system runs the risk of being absorbed and integrated into the structure and values ​​of a questioned paradigm that no longer serves everything. Paradigm that resists abandoning a power that society is discussing; integrating mediation in order to dilute it, for a catastrophic change by promoting “that everything changes so that everything remains the same."

We knew that mediation was the best system to promote coexistence to live a change with the uncertainty it brings, and, in this time we have verified it

Therefore, this Congress is about innovation and new methodologies in the culture of mediation, for the construction of an ethical coexistence.

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