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Humanistic Dialogues UPF


Every Tuesday, 7pm to 8pm, from February 1st to March 15th


Ciutadella Campus UPF Auditorium

Diàlegs Humanístics

Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) opens its doors to the university community and society as a whole to disseminate and debate current issues in a series of seven dialogues. The Humanistic Dialogues propose the humanistic field as the blackbone of a series of conferences that deal with topics of general culture, politics, history, biomedicine, ethics, philosophy, pyschology or economics, always in dialogue format between two experts from different fields of knowledge. 

Humanistic Dialogues of the UPF, 2022 edition, will take place in the Auditorium of the UPF Ciutadella Campus, from 7pm to 8pm, every Tuesday from February 1st to March 15th. Likewise, the conferences can be followed in person, with prior registration and limited capacity, or through the Internet from the Dialogues website



"Creation of the modern subject: from Montaigne to us" (02/01)

  • Jaume Casals, Professor of Philosophy at UPF
  • Juan Malpartida, writer

"Ethics and practice of photojournalism" (02/08)

  • Emilio Morenatti, photojournalist
  • Sandra Balsells, photojournalist and lecturer at Universitat Ramon Llull

"Literature and science: two planets with intersecting orbits" (02/15)

  • Xavier Duran, chemist and science journalist for TV3
  • Núria Perpinyà, writer and lecturer at Universitat de Lleida

"Why do we get sick?" (02/22)

"Hacker as a modern artist" (03/01)

  • José Luis Corazón Ardura, Art lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities UPF
  • Daniel G. Andújar, artist

"In the beginning was the word: about writing and translating" (03/08)

  • Jaume Subirana, Literature lecturer at UPF, writer and translator
  • Xènia Dyakonova, poet and translator

"Sensitive architecture and the city of the future" (03/15)

  • Benedetta Tagliabue, architect
  • Jelena Prokopljevic, lecturer at the Faculty of Humanities UPF and architect


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