Ll. M. in Professional Legal Practice


The Ll. M. in Professional Legal Practice includes a curricular internship. This type of internships:

  • Form part of the academic course contents. The internship is considered as an additional subject that must be passed satisfactorily in order to successfully complete the course.
  • Are compulsory. In some courses there is the option to have prior professional experience accredited in place of the internship.
  • Are supervised by the Career Services Team: Students are assigned an Internship Adviser who will assist you in your internship search, manage the internship agreements with the company and be the point of contact throughout the internship period. Always remember, the final selection process is at the discretion of the individual company.

Each student must undertake an internship, which will be worth 30 credits, in order to pass the course. The internship will be full time and take place between June and November, at the premises of the law firms, companies, institutions and other organizations that are collaborating with the program. The students will be tutored by an experienced lawyer and supervised by a team of tutors. The aim of the internship is to ensure that students achieve the following:

  • Tackle ethical problems that arise in professional practice.
  • Become familiar with the operation of, and issues faced by, institutions related to the legal profession.
  • Gain an insight into the activities of other legal professions and other roles related to the legal profession.
  • Receive up-to-date information on the development of the legal field and potential areas of activity, as well as the tools needed in order to manage them.
  • In general, develop the skills and abilities necessary to practise as a lawyer.