Professional development

With the aim of sharing real-life job problems with our students and identifying talent at the same time, the UPF Barcelona School of Management's Careers Service offers companies the opportunity to participate in training workshops, talks and corporate presentations for our master and postgraduate students.

  • Professional Development Program
    The Professional Development Program (PDP) is a training service that UPF Barcelona School of Management offers to master and postgraduate students. The PDP provides training sessions and workshops focused on developing the skills that are required in professionals nowadays (how to write a CV, elevator pitch, interview workshops, project management, professional skills in the future, etc.). If your company has qualified professionals who wish to share their knowledge with our future professionals, we will be happy to have you come and conduct a course with us.
  • Corporate Presentations
    The Careers Service offers companies the opportunity to discover the talent of our student body by interacting with them during corporate presentations. If your company generates valuable know-how, comes up with innovative ideas, or is interested in presenting a successful case study to our students, we invite you to share your experiences with us.
  • Challenge Garage
    UPF Barcelona School of Management organizes a "Challenge Garage" every year. This is a collaborative project between students and companies, in which our local and international students propose innovative solutions to real challenges that companies face. If your company would like our students to bring a fresh perspective to solving your corporate problems, or to propose creative improvements to your businesses strategies and processes, request information on how to get involved in the school's next Challenge Garage.

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