Student projects

Individual and group projects undertaken by UPF Barcelona School of Management's students over the course of their programs form the backbone of their learning process, channelling the process of knowledge transfer. Such projects allow participants to link theory with its practical application, integrating knowledge, attitudes and skills from a variety of disciplines and also transferring learning to their professional practices.

This brand of project-oriented learning promoted at UPF Barcelona School of Management has a threefold impact, as it is academic, professional and social. It is academic in the sense that it allows students to meet the program's learning targets; professional because it trains professionals to meet real problems and challenges with a critical spirit and capacity for analysis; and social because it aims to bring about tangible changes to society, culture and the environment.

Student projects are available for consultation in the digital archive.


Every academic year, UPF Barcelona School of Management accepts over 900 Master's and Postgraduate final projects. We then highlight some that stand out for their originality, innovation, excellence or contribution to society.

  • Project name: Glook. Local books for global publishers
    Author: Laia Pérez
    Program: Master in Publishing and Editing
    Year: 2019
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  • Project name: Gener(and)o. Una guía para implementar la mediación en casos de violencia de género
    Author: Sara Mendoza Martínez, Andrea Viejo Palacios y Anna Gimeno Mañosa
    Program: Máster en Mediación Profesional
    Year: 2019
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  • Project name: CRS Communication and its influence on Employer Attractiveness. Do millenials swipe right for German Companies' CSR Communication?
    Elsa Camille Maurice
    ProgramMaster of Arts in Communication Management
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