Postgraduate Course in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations


Based on background reading and case studies, the lecturers will develop a conceptual basis and, using the case-study method, will transfer their thoughts and experiences in management as a learning source for the participants. Besides, the programme uses simulations, rol plays, presentations, etc as learning sources.


In order to obtain the corresponding qualification for this Master's in Human Resources, the participant will have to make a successful presentation of the corresponding work in the presence of the master's directors and the rest of the participants. Besides, there will be an ongoing evaluation process through question papers at the end of each content unit which will serve to assess the participants' learning progress.

As this is a classroom-based programme, a minimum attendance of 80% is required.

PROJECT: The program includes an individual project that students work on throughout the course. The project:

  • Should solve a professional challenge related to a real situation. It can deal with any problem, opportunity or initiative of interest to the student.
  • Connects the theory learnt in class to practical professional scenarios.
  • Provides an opportunity to interact, debate, compare ideas and learn amongst equals.

PERSONALIZED TUTORING: The Program Directors will assign each student a tutor based on the characteristics of their project. The tutor:

  • Acts as a guide and challenges the student's thinking and ideas.
  • Helps the student to identify teachers, projects, businesses and activities that can serve to support and enrich the project.


Face-to-face masters programs, postgraduate courses and short courses at UPF Barcelona School of Management combine active student participation with the teaching of theoretical and practical concepts. This type of learning focuses on discussing and resolving case studies in the classroom and applying the knowledge acquired to real-life situations. Face-to face programs use Aula Global, the virtual campus, to maintain continuity between classroom sessions.